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10 Unique Ideas for Cremation Ashes in 2024. Blog Article by Pulvis art Urns

10 Unique Ideas for Cremation Ashes in 2024

These are just a few unique ideas for cremation ashes in 2024. The possibilities are endless, and families can choose an option that best reflects their loved one's personality, interests, and wishes.

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Candle holder keepsake for ashes by Pulvis.

Keepsake Cemation Urns: A Convenient Solution ?

Yet the true beauty of keepsake urns is that they are designed to accommodate a small portion of ashes, which can be an ideal solution for large families and those who already have memorial plans arranged.

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How to Choose the Best Pic for Your Pet’s Cremation Urn. Pulvis Art Urns Blog

How to Choose the Best Pic for Your Pet’s Cremation Urn

If you’re a proud pet parent, chances are you’ve got hundreds of photos of your pet. How can you choose just one for their cremation urn or memorial? While the task seems daunting, there are some practical guidelines that can help you choose a pet photo that will look great with the urn.

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Coping with Pet Loss - Pulvis Art Urns blog

Coping with Pet Loss

Grieving can be a lengthy, emotional process. And while there’s no wrong way to cope with pet loss, having guidance can help you get through without regrets. How do I choose an urn for pet cremation? Who can I talk to about grief? When is it the right time to move on? It’s common to have questions after the loss of a pet.

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