Green or traditional cremation?

Green or traditional cremation?

What is green cremation?


Green Cremation is an alternative eco –friendly, watery based way of cremating the corpse of a loved one. The funeral service is based on chemical process that uses water and small quantities of potassium or sodium hydroxide to reduce the body to its basic components. In this article we want to show you the differences between the green and the traditional cremation.




The average cost of the green cremation seems to be approximately similar to the traditional incineration. So if the flame cremation ranges between $ 1, 000 to $ 4,000, the green one ranges between $ 1,700 to around $ 4,300. Definitely you will find the cost of both procedures cheaper than the standard burial where just the cost of the casket could cost as the whole price of the cremation.


The Environment


Alkaline Hydrolysis, or green cremation has the identical end effect – the each body is reduced into ashes and these ashes are gently laid in an urn for ashes of your choice. The ashes after a watery – green procedure are not that similar than after the flame burial and the powder resembles like white flour. But here comes the differences between the two practices.


As we know the traditional flame based incineration uses heat to help the process of degradation the body. But the bio cremation follows a completely different approach – returning the body to its natural form, dissolved in water. This type of cremation does not pollute the environment – no harmful emissions are released in the air during this cremation process. The only negative side of the bio cremation is that these green crematoriums are not that popular worldwide and this can prolong the planning of the service. 




When planning a funeral service, you want it to be as unique and memorable as your loved one; having a meaningful service is an important part of the healing journey. Choosing between traditional or bio cremation should be based on your personal preferences or beliefs, but the green one is a new and attractive trend for the modern humanity. It is a creative and advanced way to honor your loved one, before placing the ash into the beautiful urn for ashes or to scatter it to the sea.