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Wings Cremation Urn

Handmade Cremation Urn for Ashes "Wings" by Pulvis Art Urns. Photo of Wings handmade urn for collection.

"Hastening from far journey -
On its breast to lie -
Only a Bird will wonder -
Only a Breeze will sigh -
Ah Little Rose - how easy"

Emily Dickinson
Nobody Knows This Little Rose

Wings are a symbol of lightness, spiritual power and striving for uplift.

The gentle lines and thoughtful details elevate this funeral urn to the realm of art. In this Pulvis art urn, the ashes of your loved one will find their home in an embrace of overwhelming peace and love.

"Wings" - Unique Memorial Urn

Introducing "Wings," a ceramic urn crafted in Europe by skilled artisans and featured in the fourth season of the acclaimed series, Sex Education. This exquisite urn embodies both artistry and elegance, serving as a poignant symbol of remembrance and tribute.

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Frequently asked questions

height 29.5 cm | 11.6 in
width 17 cm | 6.6 in
length 17 cm | 6.6 in
capacity 3.1 L | 190 cu in
weight 1.85 kg | 4.1 lbs.

❗This urn is suitable for the ashes of an adult that weighs between 60 lbs. -190 lbs.

We recommend sealing our large urns with adhesive suitable for ceramic surfaces. This urn for ashes is filled from the top.

Yes, almost all of our handmade urns for ashes and keepsakes, including the Wings urn can be kept outside. We recommend that you keep the urn in a dry place, protected from rain and snow.

Yes, almost all of our urns for ashes, including Wings, are produced in series, with a beautiful matching keepsake. You can order one from here.

This artisan cremation urn for ashes called "Wings" is made from high quality ceramic.

Caught in blissful repose, Wings give form to a gentle embrace of one’s last breath, to the moment of transformation, not as a traumatic event, but as the gift of shelter. Only in such cathartic instants can we experience the intensity of letting go but also the full presence of salvation.