How to Choose the Best Pic for Your Pet’s Cremation Urn

How to Choose the Best Pic for Your Pet’s Cremation Urn. Pulvis Art Urns Blog

If you’re a proud pet parent, chances are you’ve got hundreds of photos of your pet. How can you choose just one for their cremation urn or memorial? While the task seems daunting, there are some practical guidelines that can help you choose a pet photo that will look great with the urn. 

Creating a Memorial: It’s Part of a Healthy Grieving Process

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Pet cremation urns have helped so many pet parents cope with the loss of a beloved feline or canine companion. Whether it happens suddenly or not, the loss of a pet is always a devastating experience. Creating a special memorial – like choosing a beautiful ceramic urn for pet ashes – can help families find closure while honoring that bond and connection they had with their dog or cat.

Cremation urns are available in a wide assortment of designs, including some that have space for a photo. Whether you choose a simple ceramic urn, a flashy abstract design, an urn with paw print motifs, or a glazed cremation urn with space for a votive candle, the process of selecting the perfect urn can be a big step towards healing.

5 Tips for Choosing a Pet Photo 

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This photo could potentially become the main image of your pet that friends and family see when visiting the home. In many ways, choosing a photo is similar to choosing the way your pet will be remembered. Here are a few tips to help you narrow down the options.

  • Clarity and Focus – No fuzzy photos or shots that are highly pixelated. Just because it looks okay on your phone doesn’t mean that it will be as focused when printed as a 4x6 or 3x5 or 5x7.
  • Natural Light – Artificial light can cause dogs and cats to have shiny, reflective eyes in photos. Try to snap a pic with natural light, ideally in the first or last hours of the day when the sun is lower.
  • No Background Clutter – All focus should be on your pet! If your favorite photo has background clutter, work with an editor to smooth out the background so your pet has the spotlight.
  • Distinct Memories or Moments – Try to choose a picture that captures the spirit and personality of your pet. Did they love jumping in the pond? Did they have a favorite chair? Or maybe they liked to play with a particular toy? Choose an image that triggers joyful memories of who they were.
  • With or Without Family Members – Consider whether you want anyone else in the photo. If you choose a pic with a family member, be mindful of how it may make others feel.

Create a Mini-Shrine with Extra Embellishments

Lots of pet cremation urns are displayed on a bookshelf or table that serves as a mini-shrine. As such, you may want to surround the pet urn with other embellishments to make it extra meaningful. Here are a few ideas:

  • Votive candles – Some urns are designed to hold a votive candle, but you can also add more.
  • Twinkle lights – Convenient and easy, twinkle lights add a soft and peaceful glow.
  • Collar or tag – Save your pet’s collar or ID tag for the memorial.
  • Lock of fur – Be sure to secure the fur in a small glass dish with a lid.
  • Mementos – Favorite toys, ribbons, bandanas and other items can help you keep your pet’s memory alive.

Other Cremation Keepsakes for Pets

Pets Ceramic Urn by Pulvis Art Urns

Pet owners who plan to scatter ashes in a private flowerbed may want to commission a special garden stone to be engraved with the pet’s name and birthdate. Cremation ashes can also be used to create memorable keepsakes, like stunning jewelry, tattoos, paintings and more.

There are many ways to honor your pet – what’s important is finding the best option for you and your family.

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