Keepsake Cemation Urns: A Convenient Solution ?

Candle holder keepsake for ashes by Pulvis.

Honoring a loved one following cremation can be a tricky topic to navigate when there are different opinions involved. Many individuals yearn for finding a solution that feels personal and special without hurting the feelings of other family members. Whether you’ve decided on keeping urns at home or you’re still managing to come up with a creative solution that appeases everyone, keepsake urns can be a wonderful compromise that delivers convenience and uniqueness.


What Makes Keepsake Urns Different ?

Just like standard cremation urns for ashes, keepsake urns are durable vessels created with a small internal compartment intended for holding a person’s cremated remains. Keepsake urns can be kept at home and displayed in a variety of ways, offering a beautiful means to memorialize a late loved one and keep them close to the heart and mind.

Handmade Cremation Urns by Pulvs

Ceramic keepsake and urn for ashes by Pulvis (model "The Passage")

The major difference between a traditional urn and a keepsake urn is size. Keepsake urns are much smaller than standard urns, and they are specifically designed to hold just a small portion of cremated remains. While a standard-sized urn holds 200 cubic inches, a keepsake urn typically holds less than 50 cubic inches. There are even miniature keepsake urns that have space for just a single cubic inch.


Why Do People Choose Keepsake Urns ?

The small size of keepsake urns actually makes them perfect for several situations. For one, it allows the family to separate the cremated remains of their loved one into multiple urns so that each family member can share a piece of their memory. In some areas, keepsake urns are actually referred to as ‘sharing urns’ for this very reason. Allowing several individuals to take a small portion of ashes for their own keepsake urn can be a wonderful solution for large families.

Cremation keepsake urns for ashes

Keepsake cuddlestone urns for ashes by Pulvis (Model "Stone")

Some families have already chosen interment in a cemetery or columbarium, or to scatter their loved one’s ashes in a special place, perhaps according to their wishes. Storing a small portion of ashes in a keepsake urn allows these families to keep a part of their loved one close by while still respecting original plans.

Finally, others choose keepsake urns for the convenience of their size. Those with limited living quarters, like small apartments or retirement homes, tend to find that keepsake urns are easier to manage and find an appropriate space for.

Keepsake urns can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, ceramic, wood, and glass, and can be highly personalized with engravings or other decorative elements.

What are Keepsake Urns Made of ?

Much like traditional urns, keepsake urns come in a variety of materials. Naturally, ceramic urns tend to be quite common, but there are also handcrafted urns that feature gorgeous woodwork, stone, and glass features. Because keepsake urns are meant to be displayed in the home, they are usually crafted with beautiful, durable materials designed to last.

Cremation Urn for ashes by Pulvis

Candle holder keepsake for ashes by Pulvis. Model "The Holy Mother"


What Do Keepsake Urns Look Like ?

Keepsake urns come in an impressive array of designs and styles. Whether you prefer dramatic, eye-catching art urns that stand out or more subtle pieces that remain beautiful and modern without drawing too much attention, there are keepsake urns that suit all of these tastes. There are even some keepsake urns that are designed to incorporate candles in the display, creating a more intentional memorial for remembering a late loved one.

Handmade cremation urns set. by Pulvis

Set of urns for ashes (Large urn and keepsake)

However, it's important to keep in mind that keepsake urns are not suitable for holding the entire amount of cremated remains. If you want to keep the full amount of ashes at home, a larger urn may be a better option. Additionally, it's important to ensure that any keepsake urns you choose comply with any applicable laws or regulations in your area.

Yet the true beauty of keepsake urns is that they are designed to accommodate a small portion of ashes, which can be an ideal solution for large families and those who already have memorial plans arranged.

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