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Mini Urns For Ashes by Pulvis Art urns. Variety of miniature memorials with various colors and designs.

Mini Urns

The best memories can fit right in the palm of your hand, and Pulvis Art Urns offers an ideal solution for honoring the memory a loved one.

Our keepsake mini urns, designed by skilled artists, are the ideal way to share the remembrances among your family. Ā 

Mini urns are designed to hold a nominal amount of cremation ashes and are also known as sharing urns or mini keepsakes. In our portfolio of mini urns, you will find memorial pieces, designed with dedication, passion and honor.

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Frequently asked questions

Mini urns are designed to hold small amout of cremains. Usually mini urns are used to split the ashes of a loved one between family members. For that purpose more than one mini urn should be ordered.

All of our mini urns come in high-quality ceramic. In the near future Pulvis Art urns will offer mini urns from other materials such as wood and glass.

The capacity of our mini urns for ashes vary from 0.24L (14.6 cu in) for the religious mini urns to 0.7L (4.27 cu in) for the stone mini urns.

Our keepsakes and mini urns are made to keep smaller amount of human ashes. Family members often use memorial urns to share smaller portions of ashes after a memorial service.

Yes, our keepsakes are made from ceramic and are resistant ot rain, however we recommend to always keep the urn at dry place, without any access to water or humidity.

You can clean the urn by using an all-natural cleaning products, as well as water. After cleaning with water, immediately use a soft dry cloth to prevent the surface from staining.

We offer personalisation by an elegant memorial nameplate holder that sits next to the urn: