Care And Cleaning of Cremation Urn

Care And Cleaning of Cremation Urn

Urns are often associated with emotions and sentiments and once we buy one, it is essential to take proper care of it. Since urns are all made from various types of materials and have different shapes, the steps for taking care of your urn will depend largely on its style.

Taking the proper care for your loved one’s urn is usually a simple task, which will require very little of your time. However, following these simple steps for each material is essential for good results:



Since ceramic urns are very fragile and break easily if knocked over, it is important to remember that keeping them on a sturdy surface, away from foot traffic and pets, is essential. As for cleaning ceramic urns, use a soft dry cloth to carefully wipe away the dust from the surface. Avoid using water, since it can damage the urn.  



Two thing are of great importance when caring for wooden urn – Keep your urn out of direct sunlight, to prevent wood cracking by the heat, and never use water or harsh chemical products, as they can cause the wood to break down. The rest is easy – gently wipe the outer surface to clean from dust, always using a dry soft cloth. You can also use furniture polish for wood to polish the urn once every three months – this will restore its shine. 



Just like the ceramic urns, glass urns need to be protected by keeping them on a stable surface, away from children and pets.  Use a soft dry cloth to remove dust and dirt build-up. You can clean the urn by using an all-natural cleaning products, as well as water. After cleaning with water, immediately use a soft dry cloth to prevent the surface from staining.



Keep a metal urn out of direct sunlight, on a stable surface. It is important to remember that heat from the sun can cause the shape of the urn to become warped over time. Avoid using a damp cloth for cleaning the urn, since water and other liquids may cause the urn to rust. Use a soft dry cloth instead.


With the right care, the urn can be enjoyed generation after generation, as a family heirloom.