Preserving Ashes: Understanding Different Materials Used in Cremation Urns

"Preserving Ashes: Understanding Different Materials Used in Cremation Urns" Blog by Pulvis Art Urns. Handmade Cremation Urns

Modern cremation urns are designed to be a safe and beautiful way to keep ashes close – and to preserve the memory of your loved one. While most focus is placed on the artistic qualities of the urn – color, shape, form – it’s important to understand the practicality that goes into the best cremation urn designs.

Once you understand how urn materials can make a difference in protecting cremains, you’ll be in a better position to choose the best artisan urn for your loved one.

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The Best Cremation Urns Have Strength and Beauty

Sure, the exterior design is important. Color, style, shape – all of these things play a role in finding a cremation urn that reflects the memory of your loved one best. There may be a certain color or style that just ‘feels right’ and fits their personality. Artisan urns are popular because they provide a variety of unique styles, making it easier to find a cremation urn that truly feels personalized and special.

But the material strength and composition of the urn is also something to consider. Is the urn stable? Does it have a shape that can easily topple? If it topples, is it likely to break? If it breaks, are the ashes likely to scatter and get lost? Accidents happen, and though we don’t like to think about a cremation urn falling or shattering, it’s best to anticipate these things in advance so you can choose an urn that will actually protect and preserve the purity of the cremains.

Wood Urn for Ashes - Remembrance. Cremation Urn by Pulvis

Ceramic Urns with an Inner Coating

Ceramic urns are a great choice for aesthetics. Ceramics allow artists to create stunning designs with beautiful finishes in a variety of colorful sheens. Ceramic urns may be more appealing to you than wooden box urns and other keepsakes for ashes. However, ceramic urns can also be more fragile.

This is where the inner coating can save the day. An inner coating provides an additional layer of protection that essentially separates the cremains from the ceramic vessel. This is important because cremated remains often have a very fine, sandy appearance – which can be mistaken for dust, debris, ceramic shards, and urn chips.

Inner coating by Pulvis Art Urns

In other words, when an unlined ceramic urn gets bumped and shatters, the tiny bits and pieces of broken pottery can get mixed up with the ashes themselves, making it almost impossible to sort. An inner lining provides a layer to separate the two – preserving the integrity of the cremains and helping you sort out the ashes in case of an accident. Whether a ceramic urn has an inner coating can literally be ‘make or break’ for protecting the integrity of cremains.

Wooden Cremation Urns

Wooden urns can be durable depending on various factors such as the type of wood used, the construction techniques, and the care they receive.  Different types of wood have varying levels of durability. Hardwoods like oak,mahogany, and walnut are generally more durable than softwoods like pine or cedar. Hardwoods are less prone to warping, cracking, and damage from moisture.

The construction of the wooden urn plays a significant role in its durability. Well-constructed urns with sturdy joints and secure fastenings are likely to last longer. High-quality craftsmanship ensures the structural integrity of the urn.

The application of finishes and protective coatings can enhance the durability of wooden cremation urns. These coatings can help protect the wood from moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors that may cause damage over time.



Pulvis Artisan Urns Prioritize Protection without Sacrificing Aesthetics

The team at Pulvis understood the significance of having an inner coating years before other urn manufacturers did. That’s why they invented the INNER COATING® by Pulvis Art Urns. This protective element is a thin, white, rubber-like layer that’s applied to the inner side of the urn. Its sole purpose is to protect the cremains in case of an accident.

Pulvis art urns are designed with exceptional attention to detail – which is why they have strong design features and a beautiful selection. The INNER COATING® is discreet; it doesn’t distract from the stunning exterior design. It simply provides that essential peace of mind so you know that your loved one’s ashes are protected – just in case a tumble takes place.

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