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Companion Urns

Our cremation urns for two are designed to memorialize the bond of love between a couple. By perfectly matching and creating a unique art shape, our companion memorial urns are the right choice to honor the memory of your loved ones.

Pulvis Art Urns offer a unique solution to memoralize the life of a couple. We designed a beautiful single urn, which can be matched with the same urn and form a stunning figure. When purchased as a companion urn, you get a significant discount on the second urn.

Frequently asked questions

All of our companion urns for ashes come in the same size.

Height – 31.5 cm| 12 in
Width 16 cm | 6.2 in
length 16 cm | 6.2 in
capacity 4 L | 244 cu in
weight 2 kg | 4.4 lbs.

The single heart urn is made to collect the remains of a single person. A companion urn is a cremation memorial that is designed to hold the cremains (cremation ashes) of two people, usually a couple such as husband and wife. It can be two single urns that form a beautiful shape together, or a double urn.

You should follow general rule that is 1 cubic inch is equals 1 pound prior cremation.

Currently we offer only one design of companion urns – “Heart”, however in the near future we will come up with a new urn design.

No, our companion urns are not height adjustable, as they are made of ceramic.

Our companion urns are designed to hold ashes of two individuals but the ashes are stored separetely.

Our companion urns come in variety of colors and you also may want to make a combination of colors on your wish.