How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a Rabbit?

How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a Rabbit?

Cremation for pets is extremely common nowadays. And while dogs and cats are the most common animals to get cremation treatment, it’s possible to have other pets cremated, too. Though it isn’t widely known, rabbit cremation services can be arranged in many different states, and there are even bunny cremation urns that can help families memorialize their pet appropriately.

Get to know the details about cremation for pet rabbits and other small critters, including costs, services, and different options to create keepsakes for the pet’s ashes.

"Rabbit" cremation urn for ashes by Pulvis Art Urns

Pet Cremation Services are Becoming Easier to Find

While cremation gained momentum in the latter half of the twentieth century, cremation for pets has recently skyrocketed as a niche service industry in the past few decades. Dogs and cats are by far the most common family pets that receive cremation services, but other pets can be cremated as well. This reflects a cultural shift from pets being seen as domesticated animals to pets being considered family members in their own right. Once you’ve experienced having a beloved pet, then you understand!

Cremation Costs for Rabbits and Other Small Pets

Cremation costs can vary from region to region and depending on the particular type of cremation service provided. When cremating animals, the size and weight of the animal may also impact the costs involved. For example, horse cremation costs significantly more than rabbit cremation simply due to the amount of energy, materials, preparation, and logistics involved with handling a large animal.

With that said, once you get down to a pet that’s less than 10 pounds, you won’t see much difference in cost. A 1-pound guinea pig may have the same cremation costs as a 10-pound rabbit, because of the process involved to activate the cremation kiln and achieve the necessary temperatures involved in the cremation process.

The average price for cremating a pet rabbit is about $200, but this cost can fluctuate depending on the services provided, regional cost differentiators, and the specific crematorium process. Some pet crematoriums provide various packaged deals, like cremation with a casket, or group cremation with ash disposal. It’s best to check with a local cremation provider to clarify the specific service options and associated costs.

"Rabbit" cremation urn for ashes by Pulvis Art Urns

How to Find Cremation Urns for Rabbit Ashes

If you plan to keep the cremation ashes, you’ll want to find a special cremation urn to display the ashes in a beautiful way at home. Not all cremation urns are appropriate for rabbit ashes. Because bunnies are quite small, it’s best to select from pet urns which are specifically crafted for holding a small volume of ashes.

Artisan pet urns are typically ceramic so that they last for a very long time and have an attractive design that’s ideal for displaying in a home memorial. Pet urns are also designed with creative elements that can be symbolic, like the shape of a rabbit or a modern abstract shape. Color also plays a role in determining the best cremation urns for your pets. Yellow, brown, white, taupe, beige, black – getting the right pet cremation urn can help you keep the memory of your pet rabbit alive – and look beautiful in your home memorial.

Grieving the loss of a pet is never easy. But making arrangements ahead of time and getting prepared with a special rabbit urn as a keepsake can help you navigate this difficult time.



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