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Cat Urns for Ashes by Pulvis Art Urns. A photo of several Cat Urns from the models Neko and laying Cat.

Cat Urns

Cats are connoisseurs of comfort and our constant companions.
Just as a dog can sense your emotions, cats also have a way of knowing when you need a loving cuddle or a good laugh.
Keeping your cats cremated ashes at home can offer comfort after the loss of their physical presence, but it’s a personal decision pet owners make for themselves.
Pulvis Art Urns helps with finding the right handmade cat urn, by offering a variety of designs and colours for your furry pet friend.
Focused on the profound design and aesthetics of these magnificent creatures, our team developed a range of unique ceramic cat memorials, suitable for keeping at home or in a garden.

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Frequently asked questions

Deciding what to do with pet ashes is a common problem for bereaved pet parents. At Pulvis Art Urns we offer a suitable solution for your pet after cremation. A beautiful range of handmade urns for cats.

Our pet urns for ashes can be displayed at home or a garden - a favourite place of your loved kitty. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to how to display pet ashes — but with Pulvis Art Urns it's easier to keep them close by with the help of modern design.

Cat's ashes are normally grey and sometimes white. They'll either be placed in a container that the pet crematorium will provide, or an urn you purchased.

All of our urns for ashes are large enought to hold the cremation ashes of all cat breeds. The rule of thumb is 1 pound equals 1 cubic inch after cremation.

Cremation urns for cats are used to store the ashes of beloved pets that have passed away. They can serve as a loveley and meaningful way to memorialise your deceased pet.