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Set of handmade urn and keepsake for ashes - Guardian. Photo of Matching Urns category in the official Pulvis Art Urns website.

Urn Sets For Ashes

Pulvis Art Urns concept of designing large urns and keepsakes in sets is truly unique and exceptional.

Each of our products is specially designed to match perfectly with a keepsake, forming a beautiful art urn set.

At this page you will find our unique portfolio of matching urns, suitable for home, garden or cemetery niche.

Apart from their superb vision, our urns for ashes are remarkable for their exquisite hardiness and resistance to atmospheric influence, achieved by double firing them - first at 900°C and second time when glazed at 1200°C.

With focus on the profound concept, rich symbolic content and exquisiteness of our products, we have done our best to make them worthy of keeping the memory of our loved ones alive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.Can 2 people's ashes be mixed together?

    Mixing the ashes of two people is quite possible; it depends on the choice of person, which means that the ashes of the two individuals, obtained after cremation, are mixed in an urn. These urns are called companion urns.

  • 2.What is a companion urn?

    The companion urn can be the size of an ordinary urn, which stores the ashes of two people together; this type of urn can vary in different sizes and different models.

  • 3. Are there different size urns for ashes?

    Yes, there are different sizes of urns, of course, it really depends from where you get the product, they can vary in sizes and colors, and there are small (keepsakes) and large sizes urns, so people can decide which one is perfect to keep the ashes of their loved one.

  • 4.How many ashes does a keepsake urn hold?

    Small urns (keepsakes) can hold a small amount of ashes from 50 or smaller. Cremations are usually one cubic inch for every pound of body weight. Keepsakes may fit less ashes but they can be placed everywhere because of their size.