What you need to know about dividing ashes

What you need to know about dividing ashes

Nowadays, cremation is becoming increasingly popular around the world, due to the different remarkable and personal ways that the service provides to the loved ones of those who passed away. Being a part of such arduous moment in your life, thinking about dividing ashes and arranging funeral is not the best way to deal with the struggles of grief. However, the growing demand for new unique and interesting urns born a new trend – the keepsakes and the cremation jewellery. This new movement towards dividing ashes provides the simple opportunity for all of the closest family members a way for honouring and remembering their memory.



Laws about dividing ashes


Most of the times laws are silent about the practice of dividing the ashes between the family relatives and friends. When there is a dispute in the family regarding what is going to happened with the ashes, usually many family members decide this cases in the court due to the unclear jurisdictional regulations. Most of the American states and European countries do not have ever attempted to influence and advise the citizens about this matter, so as to stay informed our suggestion is to check the these details with your nearest Funeral Home.



Religions view about the separation of cremains


The position of religion greatly varies when it comes to separating the cremains to those who passed away, due to the different theological approaches. For example, the Muslim and Jewish traditions stands strongly against the cremation practice as being a form of disrespectful action towards the human body. Meanwhile the Hinduism, Buddhism and other Eastern religions encourages cremation and have no further guideline to how the family is going to store the ashes. However when it comes to the Christianity, the churches community remains deeply silent. 

In 2016 the Vatican announced that those that the Catholics who have their bodies cremated should not have their ashes scattered at sea or stored at home. Contemplating this thoughts you should make a further notice that the Christianity stays indifferent to how the ashes are handled and if you need a further advice on this you can research the matter in detail or seek guidance from your local religion community.



Family view on dividing ashes

Deciding the fate of your body after passing is one of the most difficult topics that a person can think of, but is one of the most important considerations in one’s path. Most of the times the family of the loved one is left with no instructions of what the person would want the ashes to be carried or even if the family have the approval to separate the cremains. Meanwhile, when a family member express opposite view about dividing the ashes as being disrespectful, the family should follow the sentiment of their relatives.

Some of these cases will sometimes be disputed in court where a decision is going to be taken due to the provided evidence, but unfortunately never such cases concludes happily. It is important to remember that in order to prevent such unpleasant experiences, it is advisable to take few moments and to write down your last wishes, so the family is going to be just following personal direct instructions.