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Serenity Cremation Urn

Serenity Cremation Urn | Pulvis Art Urns. Handmade Cremation Urn

Crafted with precision and love, "Serenity" boasts a timeless design, adorned with soothing colors that inspire a sense of tranquility and serenity. At the pinnacle of this graceful urn, a purposeful niche cradles a tealight candle, offering you the opportunity to create a serene and contemplative atmosphere during moments of reflection.

Serenity Handmade Urn - A Timeless Tribute

Introducing "Serenity," an exquisite ceramic urn handcrafted in Europe by skilled artisans. This exceptional urn embodies tranquility and grace, fashioned from the finest quality ceramic into the elegant form of a sphere, crowned with a delicately crafted candle holder on top.Crafted with precision and care, "Serenity" serves as a beacon of light and hope, guiding the way towards healing and remembrance for those who hold dear the memory of a cherished soul.

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Memorial Nameplate Holder | Ceramic

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Frequently asked questions

height 27 cm | 10.6 in
width 15.7 cm | 6.2 in
length 15.7 cm | 6.2 in
capacity 3.3 L | 200 cu in
weight 1.2 kg | 2.7 lbs.

❗This urn is suitable for the ashes of an adult that weighs between 60 lbs. - 200 lbs.

Yes, almost all of our handmade urns for ashes and keepsakes, including Serenity urn can be kept outside. We recommend that you keep the urn in a dry place, protected from rain and snow.

Yes, this model requires sealing, after placing the ashes. Any adhesive for ceramic surfaces would be fine for sealing this handmade urn. Follow this video.

This unique urn takes the form of an oval cylinder, symbolizing the continuity of life's journey.

This artisan cremation urn for ashes called "Serenity" is made from high quality ceramic.