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Light Cremation Urn

Handmade cremation urn for ashes "Light" by Pulvis Art Urns. Website category image of Light Urn for ashes.

"And this is love—
The vertigo of Heaven
Beyond the cage of words,
Suddenly to be naked
In the searchlight of truth …"

 This handmade art urn for ashes is truly a masterpiece of ceramics.
"Light" is a unique memorial that provides a sensation of calmness, cosiness and warmth, keeping the memories of a loved one forever.
The candle light reflects on the inner side of the urn, showing the real beauty of this handcrafted memorial, while the ashes are stored in the walls of the urn.

Light Urn for Ashes - A Lasting Tribute

Born from a tradition of excellence, each urn is a testament to enduring craftsmanship and timeless beauty. Crafted from the finest quality ceramic, "Light" radiates elegance and grace, offering a dignified vessel to honor the memory of a loved one. Its smooth contours and subtle sheen serve as a beacon of comfort and solace in times of remembrance.

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Does this cremation urn requires sealing?

Yes, this model requires sealing, after placing the ashes. Any adhesive for ceramic surfaces would be fine for sealing this handmade urn.

Yes, almost all of our handmade urns for ashes, including Light can be stored outside. We recommend that you keep the urn in a dry place, protected from rain and snow.

Yes, almost all of our urns for ashes, including Light, are produced in series, with a beautiful matching keepsake. You can order one from here

This handmade cremation urn for ashes is made entirely from high quality ceramic.

The cremation ashes are stored in the walls of this memorial urn, which allows candle or flowers to be placed in the middle.

height 28.5 cm | 11.2 in
width 19.5 cm | 7.6 in
length 23 cm | 9 in
capacity 3.9 L | 237 cu in
weight 3.3 kg | 7.2 lbs.

❗This urn is suitable for the ashes of an adult that weighs between 60 lbs. - 235 lbs.