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Everlasting Flame Urn

Cremation Urn for AShes by Pulvis ARt Urns. Everlasting Flame Urn.

Everlasting Flame is a cremation urn designed to hold ashes of a loved one, while also functioning as a candle holder. This timeless memorial urn is an elegant combination of ceramics and wood. 

The candle holder on top allows you to light a candle in memory of your loved one, creating a warm and comforting ambiance in any room. The name "Everlasting Flame" signifies the lasting memory and love for the deceased that will continue to burn bright, just like a flame that never goes out.


Everlasting Flame Urn - Artisan Tribute for A Loved One


Each element of "Everlasting Flame" reflects the dedication and artistry of its craftsmen. From the smooth, refined ceramic body to the natural beauty of the plywood top cover, every detail is crafted with precision and care. Atop this exquisite vessel lies a hidden treasure—a candle holder embedded beneath the plywood cover. This thoughtful design allows for the placement of a candle, symbolizing the eternal flame of remembrance that continues to burn brightly in honor of a cherished life.

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Frequently asked questions

Like most of our cremation urns, this product also requires sealing. We recommend sealing our large urns with adhesive glue suitable for ceramic surfaces. Once this piece is sealed, you can place the urn in the location of your choice.

Our Everlasting Flame urn for ashes has the following dimensions:

height13.4 in | 34 cm
width 5.3 in | 13.5 cm
length5.3 in | 13.5 cm
capacity 3.2 L | 195 cu in
weight2 kg | 4.4 lbs.

This handmade art urn for ashes, called "Eternal Flame" is a combination of premium quality ceramic and plywood.

Most of our products comes in two sizes - large urn and keepsake, but this specific model is only available in a large size. It is sized appropriately for the ashes of an adult weighing between 80 lbs. -195 lbs.

Yes, we offer engraving on the nameplate of this urn. We can fit up to 50 charchters. Leave a note at checkout of what you want to be engraved on your urn.

Yes, this handmade memorial urn is designed to be kept at home or in columbarium niche. Check the niche requiremetns prior ordering.