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Handmade Urns for veterans by Pulvis Art Urns. Military Urns and Patriotic Handmade memorials.

Military Urns

With exceptional quality and exclusive design, our military urns for ashes are the ideal way to honour the memory of a service member, police officer, or a firefighter. Our patriotic urns collection is made from renowned artists for people who gave their live in service of others. If you are looking for the perfect veteran urn, our Aquilae collection would be the finest choice.

Pulvis Art Urns team is here to help you finding the right cremation urn for a veteran or a service man/woman. We are entirely committed to making the process of shopping for military urns straightforward and easy for you.

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Abstract Cremation Urn for Ashes - Red | Large | Ceramic

Frequently asked questions

The general rule of thumb is for every pound of the person's total weight you will need one cubic inch of space. Our Military urns for ashes are suitable for the ashes of an adult person.

We recommend that you wipe your urn with a damp cloth to clean it. Use of chemicals is not recommended.

Military cremation urns are more than a tradition or just a way to store a loved one's ashes. Military urns are designed to memorialize all heroes who are veterans of the armed services.

Dedicating your life to preserving the freedom of your country is the ultimate sacrifice. Our large selection of armed services urns allows you to choose the best way to remember your departed service member. All of our handmade patriotic urns come with free shipping included.