Pulvis Art Urns gets featured in SEEN magazine

Pulvis Art Urns gets featured in SEEN magazine. Blog Article By Pulvis

Pulvis Art Urns was featured in one of the notorious Bulgarian online art magazines – http://seen.bg . The article focuses on the artistic vision and the conceptual thinking of the artists behind the models – Alexander Yuzev and Mihail Mihaylov and their journey through the realm of art.

Seen.bg is one of the largest lifestyle online editions in Bulgaria. Everything that deserves to be seen has been brought together in the digital space for contemporary nomads - SEEN.

About Pulvis Art Urns

Pulvis Art Urns are more than handcrafted ceramic urns for ashes - it's our way to show attitude, reverence and honour to our clients.

With great attention to detail, those art urns for ashes are entirely hand-made of high-quality ceramic, produced according to the recipes of Pulvis Art Urns technologists. The various palette of colours is especially worked out by a team of artists and laboratory assistants, which aims at providing quality and aesthetics of the urns.

The name Pulvis evokes the brilliance of ceramics, the wonder of design, and the radiance of glazes.
Before it became a brand name, it was an idea of three friends who shared their creative flame.

Pulvis Art Urns Team. Handmade Cremation Urns

Pulvis Art Urns Team 

Mihail is a third-generation Bulgarian ceramist, widely known for his sculptures, beautifying many Bulgarian cities. The extraordinary design and profound symbolism is what distinguishes Mihail’s work as a true piece of art. Mihail is a leading ceramists at Pulvis Art Urns with over 30 years of experience.
Mihail Mihaylov - PUlvis Art Urns

Mihail Mihaylov

Alexander is a widely recognized conceptual artist with a vast portfolio of international exhibitions in Bulgaria and Europe. As a graduаte of The National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Alex has more than 15 years of experience with concept and modern art, earning many honours and awards. His long-standing mutual work with Mihail is what stands behind the original idea of Pulvis Art Urns.

Alexander Yuzev - Pulvis Art Urns

Alexander Yuzev

Alex shares his innate desire to paint and design, including art urns for ashes that are far more than ordinary. In the article you will find out more about our project and the people who are making it a reality. 


Denis has a wealth of experience in the areas of marketing, social media and project management. His main focus has been establishing and strengthening the relationships with clients and partners in order to best serve the needs of the business.

Denislav Nikolov - Pulvis Art Urns - CEO

Denislav Nikolov

Pulvis Art Urns intensifies its creativity in handmade urns for ashes, keepsakes and celebration of life memorials, reinforcing its position as a handmade brand that represents a contemporary, elegant and exclusive choice.

We are grateful to have such a great artist and sculptors like Alexander Yuzev and Mihail Mihaylov, creators that devote their work and art in the name of the souls of the people.

Many thanks to Beloslava Dimitrova for her brilliant work on the article in Seen.bg

Join us in helping families honor the memory of their loved ones and pets through art!
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