10 Creative Cremation Ashes Ideas (part two)

10 Creative Cremation Ashes Ideas (part two)

While keeping urns at home remains popular, there are many options available for conducting the perfect send-off after a loved one has been cremated. From spectacular events to beautiful keepsakes for ashes, it’s now easier than ever to find a unique way to honor individuals with an independent flair and special zest for life.

Cremation Jewelry 

Beautiful in life and beautiful in death, those with a special place in your heart can be kept close and treasured for years when their ashes are made into a piece of fine jewelry. Rings, diamond studs, and memorial pins are just a few of the possibilities for crafting personalized jewelry keepsakes for ashes.

Eternity keepsake urn for ashes by Pulvis Art Urns

Eternity keepsake urn for ashes by Pulvis

Ceremonial Viking Send-Off 

History buffs will appreciate the opportunity to have their cremated remains go out in style, floating away on a replica wicker Viking ship that can be set ablaze in the ocean. This send-off makes for a moving ceremony that living loved ones will remember forever.

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Classic Sea Burial 

If a Viking send-off seems too flashy but the idea of the ocean still sparks an interest, a classic sea burial is a great alternative. Classic sea burials consist of a chartered boat that guides you to a quiet, appropriate place on the sea to scatter the ashes. Some families may read a poem or play a song – others enjoy the peaceful quietude of the lapping waves.

Vintage Aviation Scattering 

Another poignant option is to have your loved one’s ashes scattered from a vintage Spitfire or Grasshopper aircraft, which is possible through a company based in Kent, England. A wonderful way to honor veterans and aviation enthusiasts, this is a unique celebration of life.

One with the Stars Above 

Many find comfort by looking up at the stars after the death of a loved one. Make the moment that much more meaningful by scattering their ashes in space – it’s possible with Ascension Flights, a group that uses meteorological balloons to carry cremated remains high into the sky before releasing them.

Personal Memory Box 

The untimely death of a partner can be particularly difficult. Widowed individuals may find comfort in creating a personal memory box, which includes important keepsakes, cologne, notes, and photos alongside a small ceramic urn with the loved one’s ashes.

Resonance Keepsake urn for ashes by Pulvis

Resonance Keepsake urn for ashes by Pulvis

Create a Global Resting Place 

Travel enthusiasts may wish to bring a small handcrafted urn with them on their adventures, scattering a bit of their loved one’s ashes in each destination as they travel the world or revisit places where they shared good times with the deceased.

Artistic Home Décor Pieces 

Artisan urns and artistic home décor pieces are a great way to memorialize a loved one and honor them with a unique display that keeps them ever-present in the home.

Cremation urn for human ashes "Wings"

Wings cremation urn for ashes by Pulvis

Stained Glass 

Another option is to have the cremated remains transformed into a unique piece of stained glass that can bring beautiful light into the home, both symbolic and serene.

Memorial Garden 

For those who want to generate serenity in their own backyard, planting a memorial garden is a fantastic idea. Scatter the cremated ashes amongst lilies, tulips, daffodils, and other blooming plants to enjoy continued growth and beauty.

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There are many wonderful ways to honor the unique lifestyle and personality of the departed. Whether choosing an artisan urn that captures their creative spirit or organizing a memorable send-off, selecting a special tribute can be a key part of healing, closure, and memorialization.



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