Keeping Cremation Ashes at Home

Keeping Cremation Ashes at Home

As gradually the world is starting to pay attention to the advantages of the cremation, more and more people are choosing to protect the remains of the loved one in their own home as long lasting memorial of their loved one.

According to a survey from The USA, one in three people are storing ashes in their home. For many, though, the decision to keep their loved one’s ashes at home is an easy one. When asked, 30 percent of respondents said they weren’t aware of all the memorial options available to them. Urns for ashes can be placed in a columbarium niche or even buried. Storing ashes at home is a great way to honor a loved one amongst your family. Here are  a few tips that can help you decide. Here are few tips for picking the best place to keep the cremation pottery:



Choose a Room

It is all up to you! Some people prefer to place the urn in a room where they enjoy with the loved one and enjoying spending time at or maybe you will choose a location that is more private and peaceful, depending on your personal taste.



The Memorial Location Should be Out of the Way of Traffic

As many of the urns are made of breakable materials, such as glass, ceramic or porcelain it is important to choose a safe location, where the urn isn't likely to be knocked over. 



Match The Urn Style to The Interior

Cremation urns come in a huge variety of styles, colour and materials. For instance a ceramic urn might be a great choice for a room with a more Classic or Scandinavian Interior, while a wooden urn will match an Asian style decor. When it comes to choices of shape and colour, Pulvis Art Urns offer an abundant variety. 



Create a Special Memorial Space 

Often people prefer to create an entire memorial space that incorporates the urn as well as photos, jewellery, awards and other keepsakes that tell a story about the loved one’s way of life. You can also use the memorial space as an option for others to leave tokens, like letters or artwork, and you can even decorate it for holidays and other special occasions. Candle holder keepsakes can provide the perfect ambience in a memorial space.


It's important to remember there's no right or wrong answer when determining whether or not to keep a memorial urn in your home. Slow down, take your time and allow yourself the space to grieve, you’ll know when the right solution comes along It's clear that what we do with the cremains of a loved one is not only a personal preference but also a matter of the heart.