How to insert ashes into a cremation urn

How to insert ashes into a cremation urn

The loss of a loved one is a challenging period for the beloved family and we are often asked how to insert ashes into a cremation urn. Most funeral homes or crematoriums will perform this service for you, but if that is not the case we have included some tips to make filling an urn a little easier for you:


Useful information


Once the cremation process finishes the crematorium will handle you the ashes within a temporary container – plastic bag, plastic box or cardboard with a metal ID tag inside the container. It is recommended that when inserting the ashes you should place the metal ID into the urn.


Although there are many different materials, shapes and designs, you should be careful when selecting an urn for the beloved one and should take in consideration the capacity of the urn you would like you purchase. Each pound prior to cremation is equal to a cubic inch of ashes- so when selecting an urn for someone who weighed 200 pounds, you will need an urn with a capacity of 200 cubic inches or larger.


Methods for inserting ashes


There are three different types of transferring ashes into a cremation urn – either you can transfer the entire bag with the cremains into the urn, or pour the ashes directly into the urn, or pour the ashes from the container into a new plastic bag inside the urn. We have included a step by step guide how to fulfil an urn below:


First you would need to grab some helpful tools like a sheet of newspaper to lay the urn and another one to create a funnel, gloves (optional), scissors, towel and a glue to seal the urn (preferable if there is no secure screws, rubber plug or threaded metal plug);


Second start transferring the ashes by following these steps:


  • Lay down the newspaper on a flat surface;
  • Put down your gloves;
  • Place the urn on covered surface, remove the lid from the urn and place a funnel on the top;
  • Open the temporary container and remove the plastic bag from the container; if there is no plastic bag, do not remove anything and insert directly into the urn by using a funnel;
  • If you do not want to open the plastic bag just simply place the bag into the urn;
  • But If you would like to insert the ashes directly into the urn, then cut across a corner of the bag containing the remains and start inserting the ashes. Do not worry if you some cremains spill out of the urn, you covered your surface so you would be able to return the spilled ashes. After inserting the ashes into the urn, gently remove the funnel so you would create more space for the ashes.
  • Once you have inserted all of the ashes, you can place the lid and rubber or threaded metal plugs. But if you are going to seal the urn prepare your super glue for the next steps;
  • Clean the opening of the urn and the lid by using a soft towel;
  • Place small dots of glue on the opening/rim of the urn and to the lid;
  • Then quickly seal the urn by compounding the lid and the opening; Wipe away any excess glue before it dries;


These are the steps that you need to follow to ensure that you have inserted safety the cremains of a loved one.