Pulvis Art Urns in partnership with Sofia Crematorium

Pulvis Art Urns in partnership with Sofia Crematorium - Blog By Pulvis Art Urns

We are glad to announce that our products are now a significant part of the displayed products at the Sofia Crematorium. It is the largest crematorium in Bulgaria so far. 

Handmade Urns for Ashes. Blog Article By Pulvis - Sofia Crematorium

All of the Pulvis Art Urns models are especially displayed in the crematorium showcase and the mourned will be able to review in detail each of the exceptional mеmorials. For the first time we have presented our new urns for ashes – “ Honoris” , “Legatum”, “Aeon” “Memory”, “Terra”, “Superious” and “Natura” , which are soon to be displayed at our website.

We are thankful for this partnership opportunity with the Sofia Crematorium and from the positive feedback that all of our products are receiving. 

You can find more information for the crematorium at http://www.sofiacrematorium.com 

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