The Rising Popularity of Pet Cremation

The Rising Popularity of Pet Cremation

Memorisation and cremation for pets is one of the fastest growing funeral markets in the world, especially in the UK and the USA. Funeral business is blooming, as an ever-growing number of pet owners consider giving their animals a more formal send-off.

According to an official research, almost a quarter of the UK’s pet owners either have organised funeral services for their pets already or would consider doing it one day. 

There are more than 50 pet cemeteries across Britain alone, with services reaching up to £400 for private cremations and even more for burials.


The trend


There are two major factors contributing to the rise in demand for pet-cantered services in the last years.

The first one is the fact that more and more Baby Boomers become “empty-nesters”, which is a premise for them to own a pet as a way to receive companionship and nurturing. The second largest generation group, the millennials are a pet owners, as well. The combination of rising pet ownership and the humanization of their care boosts the pet cremation industry.

The second factor that helped to fuel the increasing demand for pet death care services is the growing affirmation of grief as a natural reaction to loss. As valued family members, it’s natural to mourn pets passing.


The statistics

Undoubtedly, pet funerals are becoming a nationwide trend both in the UK and in the USA. For example, around 15% of the funeral homes in America offer pet death care services, while in the UK this number is roughly 12%.

In Britain, as many as 12,000 pet funerals take place annually, while in the USA more than 550,000 took place in 2014 alone, according to the official statistics.

Cremation, however, is a preferred option when it comes to pet death care services. According to a survey by Pet Loss Professionals Alliance, there are nearly 1.9 million pet funerals annually, of which 99% end up with cremation.


The Cost

It is understandable that people mourn their pet’s passing, but at the same time, it is often not reasonable to spend thousands on a pet death care service. The prices vary dramatically depending on many factors.  For instance, at Penwith, a British based pet crematorium, prices range from £42 for a hamster or guinea pig, up to £187 for a large dog. This price excludes the cremation memorials, such as pet urns and ashes jewellery, which differ according to the factors such as design, materials and purpose.


Everyone in this world will have an ending to his or her life long journey. That is a fundamental fact that most of the pet owners have already realised. The growing pet funeral businesses are evidence that we, humans certainly develop very deep emotions connection with our pets and even after their passing, we want them to be treated in a very special way and show them for the last time how much we cherish and love them.