A Brief History of Ceramics

A Brief History of Ceramics

Ceramic Urns


From ancient Roman times up to nowadays, ceramic pottery vessels have been used as urns for our loved one’s ashes. Known for their durability and beauty, urns made of ceramic can express something personal about your loved one as they come in various shapes and colours. Ceramic urns are undoubtedly the most popular type of cremation urns nowadays, simply because ceramic is a material with rich history.


Brief History of ceramics


The first evidence of human-made ceramics date back to at least 24,000 years BC.

Back then, humans learned how to make earthenware vessels by forming and firing clay as  prior to this, the only man-made items were stone tools made by chipping rocks. In this sense, earthenware could be called the father of all industrial products.

In Japan, the history of ceramics dates back to 10,000 years BC in the Jomon period, but it was not widely used until the potter’s wheel and the sloping kiln were introduced.


In the East, the finest art ceramics were first produced in China, where a significant achievements were made in composing, glazing and decoration of clay objects.

In the West, pottery is associated with creation and decoration of vases, known as the Neolithic art, which was popular in Ancient Greece. Many art critics consider Greek pottery to represent the zenith of ceramic art.


Since these ancient times, the technology and applications of ceramics has steadily increased, reaching its full potential today.


Why Ceramics?


Ceramic is all around us and almost not a day goes by that we do not come into contact with it.

 Ceramic products have many advantages among which are :

  • The clay can be easily moulded to become many useful things, including cremation urns;
  • There are endless options of colours and finishes available;
  • Ceramics do not stain and are easy to clean;
  • Ceramics are very durable and chemically resistant;
  • Objects made of ceramics are lightweight, environmentally compatible and beautiful;


From industry to home ware and urns, ceramic is always being used and it is so important to modern day life!