Pulvis Art Urns at VTU Uitvaart Vakbeurs 2022 Expo

Pulvis Art Urns at VTU Uitvaart Vakbeurs 2022 Expo | Handmade Cremation Urns and Keepsakes

Pulvis Art Urns took part in one of the largest trade shows in Europe - VTU Uitvaart Vakbeurs 2022 in Gorinchem Netherlands. 

VTU Funeral Industry Trade Fair is organised once every four years in the Netherlands. This is done at the initiative of the Vereniging Toeleveranciers voor de Uitvaartbranche (Association of Suppliers for the Funeral Industry), or VTU. The goal of the trade show is to bring together as many different business disciplines as possible from the (international) funeral industry and to promote potential collaborations.

About VTU Uitvaart Vakbeurs 

The VTU was founded on 24 December 1993 and currently has around 100 members. The strength of the VTU is that it acts as a point of contact for many suppliers and organisations and represents the sector as a whole. VTU members are constantly kept informed about developments within the industry, which is made possible through mutual exchange of information. 

Pulvis Art Urns - Shapes of Spirit (The VTU Uitvaart Vakbeurs  2022)

Thanks to collaborations with various trade fair organisations abroad, the VTU Uitvaart Vakbeurs is increasingly gaining international recognition. For example, in 2016 the fair had no fewer than 25 international exhibitors and almost 7% of visitors came from abroad, including from Belgium, Germany, and England.

Pulvis Art Urns at VTU 2022

Durring the trade show, Pulvis Art Urns team presented the full portfolio of the company, including our pet urns range and exclusive urns range. 

We managed to introduce our newest models "Calla Flower Urn" and "Zodiac Urn" to the visitors of our booth. 

Pulvis Art Urns at VTU 2022 - Handmade Urns for Ashes and keepsakes

Undoubtedly the biggest attraction was our large size walnut wooden cat, which is a replica of our best selling neko pet urn. The large cat is made out of genuine walnut and it is a true masterpiece in wood carving. It also serves as an urn for pet urns. 


Pulvis Art Urns at VTU 2022. Handamde Urns for ashes and keepsakes.

Our newest titanized ceramic models were also something that draw interest and attention to the booth. This beautiful color is achieved throught the process of titanization with ionic plasma. This process covers the ceramic with unique color layer, similar to metallic.

Pulvis Art Urns at VTU 2022 - Titanized ceramic. Handmade Urns & Keepsakes.


VTU 2022 - Gallery by Pulvis Art Urns


With over 5000+ visitors and more than 230 exhibitors, VTU 2022 is indeed a trade show worh visiting. Our innovative approch to the vision of the stand was highly appreciated. The stand is entirely made out of recycable eco friendly materials. 

Pulvis Art Urns - VTU 2022 Stand - Handmade Urns for Ashes and keepsakes.

Beside making new contacts and partnerships, Pulvis Art Urns team met a lot of old friends and colleagues in the funeral industry. 

Pulvis Art Urns at VTU Uitvaart Vakbeurs 2022.

The VTU Uitvaart Vakbeurs 2022 focuses not only on networking and a varied range of exhibitors, but also explicitly on the transfer of knowledge. We spoke a lot about the funeral sector, the challenges and the changes that it goes through.

Pulvis Art Urns - VTU 2022 - Cremation Urns & Keepsakes.

The VTU Uitvaart Vakbeurs takes place only once every four years. For you, as a funeral industry professional, this makes the fair a unique opportunity that you definitely don’t want to miss. 

Pulvis Art Urns - Cremation Memorials and Urns for Ashes. VTU 2022 Stand of Pulvis Art Urns

You can network with industry colleagues, discover the latest developments and innovations, or even do business directly on the exhibition floor.

VTU 2022 - Pulvis Art Urns booth. Cremation Urns and keepsakes.



Join us in helping families honor the memory of their loved ones and pets through art!

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