15 Reasons Why People Are Choosing Cremation in 2023

15 Reasons Why People Are Choosing Cremation - Pulvis Art Urns

Those who choose cremation do so for a variety of reasons. Practicality, affordability, and possibility all contribute to a rising interest in cremation. Take a look at some of the reasons why people choose cremation, and it becomes clear why this process appeals to individuals from a wide range of backgrounds.

Cremation is Affordable

In general, cremation is significantly more affordable than traditional burial, typically costing 40-50% less. In addition to embalming, plot purchase, headstones, cemetery maintenance, and funerary service fees, caskets are often much more expensive than ceramic urns for ashes. Additionally there are much more variations when it comes to cremation urns, compared to coffins. 

Abstract Cremation Urn for AShes by Pulvis Art Urns

Ceramic urn for ashes "Abstract" by Pulvis Art Urns

More Time for Arrangements of the Memorial Services

One of the main advantages of cremation is that it provides the family an abundance of time to plan for memorial services. Traditional burial must be carried out quite quickly, which can make the entire grieving and planning process feel rushed.

With cremation, families have more flexibility in deciding when and where to hold memorial services or scatter the ashes.

Simplicity of the Cremation

Traditional burial requires a lot of decision-making, and some folks are put off by the idea of their funeral becoming a big production. Cremation often appeals to people who like to keep things simple, quiet, and understated.

Cremation Keepsake Urns for Ashes by Pulvis Art Urns

Handmade Ceramic Keepsake Urns

Environmentally Friendly

Though there are varying degrees of eco-friendly burials, cremation is generally viewed as a more environmentally friendly option than traditional embalming and burial, which requires the use of chemical pollutants, like formaldehyde and arsenic.

Some individuals choose cremation as a more eco-friendly option since it requires less land and resources compared to burial.

Overcrowded Burial Land

Though it may not be as apparent in large countries, like the United States and Canada, small European countries have recognized for some time that we’re running out of space as a planet. Sprawling cemeteries remind us that land is limited, and cremation offers a great solution for reducing the stress on our land resources.

In densely populated areas where cemetery space is limited, cremation can be a practical choice.

Desire to Be Buried near Family Plots

For some, being buried near family is important, yet many are dealing with family plots that are already full. While some cemeteries can’t accommodate additional plots for full caskets, many are able to bury cremation urns for ashes alongside traditional family plots and columbariums, that allow many cremation urns to be placed at one place.

Cremation Urn - Eternity by PUlvis

Cremation urn for human ashes "Eternity"

Cremation might be a family tradition passed down through generations or a personal preference based on individual experiences.

Staying Present with Loved Ones 

Keeping urns at home is very common for living relatives who cherish physical proximity. From handcrafted urns to art urns to classic ceramic urns, there are so many beautiful vessels available to keep departed loved ones ever-present within the family home.

Some individuals find the act of witnessing the cremation process or being present during the scattering of ashes to be emotionally cathartic and a way to find closure.

Practical Portability 

Cremated remains are portable and can be easily transported if a family moves or wishes to keep the ashes close by.

Choosing a ‘final resting place’ can be daunting for a person who has moved around throughout their life. Cremation allows surviving loved ones to bring the person’s remains with them – whether moving across town, across country, or abroad.

Multiple Scattering Sites 

Likewise, there’s no need to pick a single location to scatter ashes. For those who traveled extensively in their lifetime – or perhaps grew up in one country and lived their adult life in another – scattering a portion of ashes in each place can be a wonderful tribute.

Multiple Urns for Large Families 

Another benefit of cremation is that ashes can be divided among individuals, allowing each person to honor their loved one as they see fit.

Handmade Cremation Urns for Ashes - Keepsakes by Pulvis

Handmade Cremation Keepsakes for Ashes

Symbolic Tokens and Cremation Keepsakes for Ashes 

Cremated remains can also be used to create beautiful tokens and keepsakes that are cherished forever. Diamonds, jewelry, medallions, and stained glass are just a few of the options.

Specific Lifestyle Decision 

Those with a particular passion may choose an intentional destiny for their ashes. There are companies that can accommodate unique interests, like integrating the cremated remains into an artificial reef in the ocean, scattering ashes from a vintage fighter jet, and more – the options are amazing!

In some cultures or religions, cremation is the preferred or mandated method of handling the deceased.

Aversion to Traditional Coffin Burial 

One of the least glamorous – yet honest – reasons for cremation is that many people detest the idea of their body decomposing in a box over the years. Cremation provides a practical way to dispose of your physicality on your own terms.

Handmade Keepsake Urns for ashes

The Passage - keepsakes and Caleo Candleholders

Organ Donation 

Others may be committed to the idea of donating viable organs, like the eyes, heart, or lungs, to those in need. Cremating what remains after donation is an efficient conclusion to the process.

Circle of Life Tree Planting 

Finding peace in Mother Nature continues to provide solace over mortality. Cremation allows individuals to use their remains as a life-giving resource by using a biodegradable urn to plant a tree, taking part in the circle of life.

There are many appealing reasons to choose cremation over traditional burial. The most important thing, however, is that you find the tribute that feels right for you and your loved one.

It's important to note that people's preferences for cremation can vary widely based on personal, cultural, religious, and practical considerations.

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