"Light" urn for ashes - product review

"Light" set of urns for ashes by Pulvis Art Urns - colour craquelure

The concept

This handmade art urn for ashes is truly a masterpiece of ceramics. "Light" is a unique memorial that provides a sensation of calmness, cosiness and warmth, keeping the memories of a loved one forever. The candle light reflects on the inner side of the urn, showing the real beauty of this handcrafted memorial, while the ashes are stored in the walls of the urn.

Set of cremation urns for ashes "Light" by Pulvis

The contemporary design makes this beautiful product a great addition to any interior. As ashes are stored in the walls of the urn it leaves plenty of space for flowers or candle in the middle.

Watch a detailed video of the "Light" cremation urn:

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When ordering or choosing an urn is very important to be mindful of the dimensions of the urn. Our professional ceramist and artist have made the urn to be suitable for the average adult person.

The "Light" urn for human ashes has a volume of 3.9 litres (237 cubic inches) and sizes of 11.2h x 7.6w x 9l in inches  or 28.5h x 19.5w x 23l  in cm. All of the ashes are stored in the walls of the urn. The urn is filled from the bottom.

"Light" cremation art urn for ashes by Pulvis Art Urns (set in red colour)

If the large urn does not fit all of the ashes or you would like to divide the cremains between the family, we have taken care of that with a keepsakes.

"Light" keepsake can hold up to 0.6 liters (39.6 cubic inches) of ashes and with sizes of 8h x 4.3w x 5.5l in inches  or 20.5h x 11w x 14l in cm. 

"Light" keepsake urn for human ashes by Pulvis Art Urns


The "Light" urn for ashes comes in 9 beautiful colours, suitable for any interior. The pallete of colours is worked out by a team of artists and laboratory assistants, which aims at providing a high quality and aesthetics of the urns.

 "Light" urn for ashes - various colours

The following colours are available : 

1. White - LI-L-01 - Link

2. Transparent  - LI-L-02 - Link

3. Oxide Green - LI-L-05 - Link

4. Cobalt Metallic - LI-L-09 - Link

5. Dark Sand - LI-L-12 - Link

6. Beige Grey - LI-L-18 - Link

7. Red - LI-L-21 - Link

8. Craquelure - LI-L-22 - Link

9. Lamp Black - LI-L-36 - Link

 Set of cremation artisan urns for ashes "Light" by Pulvis Art Urns


All of the urns are remarkable for their exquisite hardiness and resistance to atmospheric influence, achieved by double firing them at more than 1200° C, which makes them suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The urn is made entirely of ceramic and high quality glossy finish. 

 Set of urns for ashes "Light" by Pulvis Art Urns

 Sealing the urn

Follow those simple steps to seal the urn or watch our detailed video below :

1. Unpack the glue and place the urn upside down. If it is filled with ashes it should be in this position already.

2. Take care that the surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry and free of dust.

3. Apply glue evenly, covering the whole lip.

4. Do not use too much glue on the lip as its only purpose is to fix the cap still.

5. Place the cap carefully and rotate it on 90°.

6. Center the cap so it covers the hole evenly, leaving no gaps.

7. Apply more glue to fill the space between the lip and the cap.

8. Leave the urn in this position for 10-15 minutes. You can place it in the box.

9. In 10 minutes the glue will have formed a silicone-like layer.The glue is no longer sticky and the urn can now be moved. We advise you to leave the urn in this position for at least 1-2 hours.

10. The glue will fully harden in 4-8 hours, depending on circumstances, like temperature and humidity


"Light" ceramic urn for ashes by Pulvis Art Urns. (Craquelure colour)

More details of this product can be found at the following links: 


Light - large urns

Light - keepsakes

You can also purchase from our Etsy Shop or via our partners here https://www.pulvisurns.com/pages/partners

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