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Mini Laying Cat Cremation Urn - Blue Melange | Ceramic

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Softfelt rubber pad on the bottom to ensure no scratching.
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Want to make this memorial personal? Add a matching nameplate holder to it.


Contemporary mini cremation urn for pets ashes, suitable for home or garden. 

A smaller copy of the original laying cat urn, this unique mini pet urn is the ideal choice to honour your loved kitty. With it's capacity of 18 cubic inches, this beautiful pet memorial urn is suitable for any house cat.

Celebrate the cherished memories of your feline friend with Pulvis’ mini cat urn for cremation ashes. Crafted with care, this exquisite pet urn serves as a loving memorial, honoring the joy and companionship your cat brought into your life. Each detail reflects the essence of your beloved pet, preserving their spirit in a timeless tribute. Lay your cat to rest with dignity and love, keeping their memory alive forever.

🔴 Watch a detailed video of this cat pet urn for ashes HERE. Please, note that all videos are illustrative and the color and size may not correspond to the actual urn on the photos.

Cremation Urn Catalogue number: CAT-M-44



Bottom filled/ No bag needed

Suitable for outdoors and home

Material: Ceramic

height 9 cm | 3.6 in
width 9 cm | 3.6 in
length 17.5 cm | 6.9 in
capacity 0.3 L | 18 cu in
weight 0.4 kg | 0.9 lbs.



We recommend sealing the ceramic cap to the plastic lid, after the lid is inserted in the urn, so it is kept in place. Note that sometimes the ceramic cap does not fit tightly.

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More About Mini Laying Cat Cremation Urn 

The Mini Laying Cat Cremation Urn in Blue Melange, crafted by Pulvis Art Urns, is a poignant tribute to your beloved feline companion. Its gentle curves and serene blue melange finish evoke a sense of peace and grace, providing a fitting resting place for your cherished pet's ashes.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into any interior or outdoor space, this urn offers versatility in memorializing your furry friend. Whether displayed in your home or nestled in a garden, its understated elegance honors the memory of your beloved cat.

Pulvis Art Urns takes pride in their commitment to sustainable manufacturing and packaging, ensuring that every urn not only preserves the memory of your pet but also contributes positively to the environment. With each urn, you can find solace in knowing that your choice honors your pet's legacy while also caring for the world they once roamed.

In the Mini Laying Cat Cremation Urn in Blue Melange, Pulvis Art Urns combines craftsmanship, compassion, and sustainability to create a lasting tribute to the cherished bond between you and your beloved cat.

Pulvis Art Urns - Designing and Manufacturing Handmade Urns for Ashes since 2017.

A world leader in the design and manufacturing of high-end memorial products, Pulvis Art Urns is a unique mix of innovation, art and meticulousness in the quest for excellence. 
All of our urns for ashes, keepsake urns, pet memorials and memorial accessories are handmade in Europe and certified by the ISO standards.
Fruit of constant artistic restlessness and dedicated customers service, Pulvis Art Urns is a brand that stands for a contemporary, stylish and exclusive memorial urn.