INNER COATING® by Pulvis Art Urns

Cremation urns and the ashes, placed inside them, have a symbolic value. They mean so much and it is important to be kept safe and intact. That is why we invented INNER COATING® by Pulvis Art Urns.

‼‼ Since 2022 we use white INNER COATING, instead of black one.



Ceramic is a unique material, but it has some drawbacks too. It is very fragile and mishaps can result in a very unpleasant experience. Cremains can get mixed with ceramic debris, making it almost impossible to clean.

Inner Coating by Pulvis Art Urns. Handmade Urns for Ashes

INNER COATING® is a white thin rubber-like layer that acts as a protection layer for the cremation ashes. It is applied on the inner side of the urn and it's sole purpose is to hold the ashes in one place in case of a mishap.


Please, note that inner layer will not prevent the urn from breaking in case of a mishap. Sharp debris from the ceramic can penetrate the rubber layer sometimes, but it will still hold ashes in one place.

How to add INNER COATING®  to your urn 

Inner Coating is optional and can be purchased in our website for most of our cremation urns and keepsakes. It takes extra one business day to be applied and it costs additional 60$. You can order it by choosing the "YES" option in the checkout menu.


Additional information

Please note, that with the INNER COATING® option, the urn can lose about 5-8% of its original capacity and it also becomes heavier.