The Butterfly's Field - For millennia, the butterfly symbolizes rebirth and the ephemerality of the human soul. The delicate fragility of butterflies has another meaning for us - the symbol of our inner, spiritual self. Here lies the deepest symbolic lesson of the butterfly: it asks us to accept changes in our lives carelessly, just as it does, with spread wings and carefree flight.

Birds - they have become prominent symbols worldwide and in different cultures, often seen as the supernatural link between the sky and those living on Earth. In certain cultures, birds represent immortality and are considered departed souls or messengers of spirits.

Birds also symbolize peace and salvation of the soul. Combined with the woodpecker, they remind us of childhood and joy, just as when the seeds of the woodpecker are carried by the wind, they convey feelings and thoughts to our beloved ones.

The Tree of Life - in fact, autumn holds many different and profound messages within itself; it represents the endless cycle that connects matter and everything earthly. It symbolizes resurrection, as during autumn its leaves wither, and in spring new life sprouts from the bare branches. The Tree of Life is a symbol of rebirth and immortality.

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Peacock Feathers - considered symbols of the cosmos and the sun, of immortality and eternity. With their beauty and symbolism, they are an excellent complement to the form and concept of infinity. They carry the energy of spiritual healing, which can be used to assist people seeking balance and harmony in their lives.