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Handmade Candle Holder Urns for Ashes. Large Tealight candle urns by Pulvis Art Urns. Model Light.

Tealight / Candle Urns

For ages, the candle flame has served as a symbolic memorial practice. A candle holder urn for ashes may be a meaningful reminder of a loved one or close friend to light a candle on a special occasion.

Our candle urns designed in a special discreet way, looking more like a piece of art décor, than a traditional cremation urn.

Incorporating the lighting of a tealight into a memorial urn, our outstanding urn designs are suitable for ceremonial remembrance or keeping at home.

On this page you will find our portfolio of candle urns, suitable for an adult person.

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Frequently asked questions

Our professional ceramists and artists have designed our urns to hold the ashes of the average adult person. We do have large urns and keepsakes for ashes.

Yes, our entire range of tea light candle urns come with a tea candle included.

Yes, we do have rich collection of different colors, so our customers can choose and pick best to keep the memory of their loved one.

Yes, each of our tea candle urns have their sized well described. Just look below the photos.

Our tealight urns are made out of high-quality ceramic, that is durable and can stand on atmospheric conditions. We suggest that you keep the urns at home.

It is very important before you order our product that you know the correct dimensions, in case you have a problem with the product you ordered, you can contact us for more information, and our website clearly explains how to return a product.

Our handmade tealight urns vary in capacity, as each one is with different size and dimensions. Please, check the dimensions in the description prior ordering a urn.

Yes, you can use a non-flared candlewith our candleholder urns.

Pulvis Art Urns portfolio comes in a variety of colors. All colours are carefully selected and made for each urn.