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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.What size of urn do I need for a domestic bunny?

    Our handmade rabbit urns can hold up to 43 cubic inches, which is more than enought for any type of rabbit. According to industry standards, every pound of weight requires 1 cubic inch of urn space.

  • 2.Do rabbit urns come in different sizes?

    Usually, you can find a variety of sizes of urns for bunnies online. We designed our bunny urns in a single size, suitable for all rabbit breeds.

  • 3.Can rabbit cremation urns be kept outdoors?

    Yes, our handmade rabbit urns for ashes are designed to be kept both outdoors and indoors, however we suggest to keep the bunny urn at a dry place, away from water and humidity.

  • 4.How to fill the rabbit urn with ashes?

    Our bunny urns for ashes are filled in just two easy steps.There is a bottom opening where the ashes are inserted.Then you simply have to place the plastic lid and after that the ceramic lid that comes with the urn. We recommend sealing the urn with glue.

  • 5.How to care for a rabbit urn?

    We suggest that you just dust the rabbit urn from time to time with a dry soft cloth.

  • 6.Can you put cremated remains in an urn for ashes yourself?

    Yes, absolutely. You have the option to put your loved pet’s ashes into your choice of cremation urn yourself, or have a crematorium employee place your pets cremation ashes into an urn for ashes.

Rabbit Urn For Ashes. Bunny Urn. Rabbit Memorail Urn by Pulvis ARt Urns

Rabbit Urn For Ashes

We designed this unique bunny memorial urn for ashes, so we can help you celebrate a life filled with love and happy memories. Available in various colors, our rabbit urn is the ideal pet memorial to honor the life of a bunny.

Pulvis Art Urns are far more than ordinary rabbit urns for ashes.

In our desire to create memorial pet urns that make a difference, we followed our passion for ceramics and art to create a portfolio of handcrafted urns and keepsakes for bunnies, that are truly timeless. On this page, you will find a collection of rabbit urns, suitble for home and outdoors. 

Browse our Collection of Bunny Urns

Our collection of rabbit urns includes a variety of colors ensuring that you find an urn that fits your pet's personality and style. Our urns for bunnies are available to be shipped worldwide. Designed to provide you with a lasting tribute to your beloved rabbit, providing you with a special place to keep their ashes close to you.

The Pulvis Urns Endeavour

At Pulvis Urns, we understand that dealing with the loss of a loved bunny can be a difficult experience. That is why we are committed to providing you with the best possible service. We offer fast and reliable shipping, ensuring that your urn arrives in a timely manner. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always available to answer any questions.