5 Unique Cremation Urns for Mothers

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It’s important to choose the right cremation urns for the ashes of a loved one – especially a parent. When choosing an urn for your mother’s ashes, selecting from a stunning variety of art urns can help in the healing process. Just as she held a special place in your life, her cremation urn should also be special. Handcrafted urns have that unique x-factor that allows bereaving family members to find the ‘perfect’ urn for their parent.

Artistic urns for moms are unique in that they are designed to reflect the amazing influence that mothers have in our lives. Love, wisdom, strength, comfort – these are just a few of the ideas that inspire gorgeous urns for moms.

With great variation in color, shape, and style, these urns for moms offer a rich tapestry of vessels to choose from.

1. Handmade Urn "The Passage"

With a stunning loop design that stems from a small votive, The Passage is a gorgeous example of how a handcrafted urn can become a beloved keepsake for ashes that reflects beauty and peace.

Handmade Cremation Urn for Ashes "The Passage" - Large | Oily Green Melange

The speckled green hue adds a striking visual effect to this art urn, making it a perfect piece for holding a parent’s ashes at home.

2. "Eternity" Urn for Ashes

Sleek and modern, this dark gray urn offers a fitting tribute to a woman who had a strong presence in her family’s life. The flames from the votive candle flicker against the curves of this stately handmade urn, providing a quiet moment of reflection for family members to honor their mom’s memory.

Eternity Handmade Cremation Urn for Ashes - Large | Red | Ceramic

With exceptional height and a subtle infinity symbol featured in the design, this handcrafted urn is a powerful reminder that mom’s memory lives on – as does her legacy.

3. "Abstract" Cremation Urn 

An inky blue glaze adds gorgeous color and immense depth to this abstract piece, which is a fitting urn for moms with an artistic palate for contemporary design. With beautifully balanced edges and a distinct form, this blue metallic art urn symbolizes permanence and perfection – making it a suitable choice as an urn for moms.

Abstract Handmade Cremation Urn for Ashes - Craquelure by Pulvis

 In addition, the pyramid-shaped top can be lifted to reveal a ledge for a votive candle, making this a sleek masterpiece that fits in well with any home décor or garden space.

4. Urn for Ashes "Light"

Reflecting the calm safety of a warm embrace, this handcrafted urn has a unique shape that releases a gentle channel of light that comes from a candle placed within.

 Cremation Urn for Ashes - Light. Urns for Mom article by Pulvis ARt Urns

The creamy, off-white color and craquelure finish add a strong sense of sincerity and timelessness – perfect for memorializing a family member and maintaining a feeling of honor and respect.

5. "The Holy Mother" Urn for Ashes

Religious individuals will appreciate the significance of this beautiful white urn inspired by Mary the Mother of God. Honoring the tradition of motherhood and all its sacrifices, devotions, and enduring love, this handmade urn is a breathtaking choice to hold a mother’s ashes and honor steadfast beliefs.

The Holy Mother Urn for Ashes. Urn for Mom - Article by Pulvis Art Urns

The glossy finish and soft contouring along Mary’s profile reflect a graceful beauty that brings comfort in a time of grief.

Handcrafted urns for moms bring special symbolism that can help provide a moment of reflection, remembrance, and healing. Offering unique beauty and symbolism, these art urns allow loved ones to honor the memory of their mom with grace and meaning.

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