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Set of Cremation Art Urns for Ashes Outdoors. Art Urns category in the Pulvis Art Urns website. Model "Eternity"

Art Urns

Our handcrafted art urns for ashes are the ideal way to celebrate the life a loved one.

The magical fusion of art and ceramic creates a new dimension, a new form of expression for works of art. A discreet way to keep the memory of a loved one, our ceramic art urns are designed to blend with any interior, looking more like a piece of art than a traditional cremation urn. With focus on profound concept, rich symbolic content and exquisiteness, each art urn is truly worthy of commemorating your loved one.

On this page you will find our portfolio of artisan made urns for ashes, suitable for home, garden or columbarium, designed and made with passion and dedication. Pulvis Art Urns is one of the leading companies in the world, focused on designing and making handmade art urns for ashes.

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Pulvis Art Urns Exclusive Urn HydroGraphics Urn "Wings - Wood Stripes" - Large | Ceramic | Hydro Dipping
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Pulvis Art Urns Exclusive Urn HydroGraphics Urn "Guardian - America" - Large | Ceramic | Hydro Dipping
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Pulvis Art Urns Exclusive Urn HydroGraphics Urn "Eternity - Carbon" - Large | Ceramic | Hydro Dipping
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Pulvis Art Urns Adult Size Urn Eternity Handmade Cremation Urn for Ashes - Large | Oily Green Melange

Frequently asked questions

The amount of cremation ashes, that each urn holds is measured in cubic inches. The standard used to figure before-and-after size is approximately 1 pound of healthy weight to 1 cubic inch of ashes ; that is, a 200lb person will need roughly 200 cubic inches

Since a large portion of the ashes originate from the bones, the amount of ashes at the end is almost the same regardless of the weight of the body. The body fat is all consumed during the cremation process, so a full-size urn means it can fit more ashes inside.

Please note, that we recommend sealing our large urns with adhesive(glue) suitable for ceramic surfaces. This is done in order to prevent spilling of the ashes. Ceramic lids are without threads and DO NOT close tightly, which may lead to ashes spill if not sealed.

Read each urn description to find out more.

There are numerous respectful reasons to open a cremation urn. These include opening the temporary urn to transfer the ashes into a handmade permanent urn, opening to scatter ashes or add a memorial, dividing the cremation ashes among family members by using keepsakes.