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Heart Cremation Urn

Heart Urn for Ashes | Memorial Urn | Cremation Urn  | Pulvis Art Urns

Designed and made by Pulvis renowned artists, this handmade cremation urn with candle, called "Heart" is a true symbol of love and remembrance. Made from high-quality ceramic to offer a lasting memory, this artisan memorial can also serve as part of a companion urn set

Heart Urn for Ashes - Handcrafted Memorial for Ashes

Introducing the "Heart" ceramic urn, a masterpiece crafted by Pulvis Art Urns in Europe. Made from the highest quality ceramic, this urn embodies the eternal bond of love and companionship. When united, the two urns seamlessly merge to form a heart, symbolizing the inseparable connection between loved ones. This unique feature transforms the "Heart" urn into a companion urn, offering a touching way for partners to remain together even in eternity.

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Frequently asked questions

Like most of our cremation urns, this product also requires sealing. We recommend sealing our large urns with adhesive glue suitable for ceramic surfaces. Once this piece is sealed, you can place the urn in the location of your choice.

This handmade art urn for ashes, called "Heart" is made from hight quality ceramic, with a gold or platinum finish of the heart by your choice.

Yes, we offer engraving on the nameplate of this urn. We can fit up to 50 charchters. Leave a note at checkout of what you want to be engraved on your urn.

Most of our products comes in two sizes - large urn and keepsake, but this specific model is only available in a large size. It is sized appropriately for the ashes of an adult weighing between 80 lbs. -230 pounds.

Yes, by buying a second urn and putting them next to each other they form a beautiful heart. You can purchase a companion urn from this link

Our Heart urn for ashes has the following dimensions:

height 31.5 cm | 12 in
width 16 cm | 6.2 in
length 16 cm | 6.2 in
capacity 4 L | 244 cu in
weight 2 kg | 4.4 lbs.