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Philosophers About Death

Ars Moriendi Death is an inevitable reality of human existence that has perplexed philosophers for centuries. Philosophy is an unique intellectual discipline in which we look death in the eye, we understand eternal death in the process we call life. In his book “The Book of Dead Philosophers”, Simon Critchley explores the different perspectives that philosophers shared about death throughout history. His hypothesis is that philosophy is ars moriendi, the art of dying. In learning how to die, we learn how to live. It’s a kind of threat that extends throughout the book and begins with Socrates, continues with Socratic,...

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 “Our body are only wilted leaves on the tree of life” - Albert Einstein Ana Jovanovic

“Our body are only wilted leaves on the tree of life” - Albert Einstein

The death is an inevitable part of life, and as humans, we have been trying to make sense of it for centuries. From the ancient civilization building elaborate tombs and pyramids to modern-day-traditions such as funerals and cremations, our relationship with death has evolved over the times. One such modern tradition that has gained popularity in  recent years is the use of art urns to remember loved ones who have passed away. Among the various art urns available in the market, Pulvis Art Urns stand out due to their unique and personal nature. The iconic Pulvis memorials are designed to...

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Pulvis Art Urns Philosophical Diary - On Mourning by Yakim Petrov

On Mourning

Roland Barthes (1915-1980) is still one of the central figures in contemporary philosophy and critical theory for his contributions to semiotics, linguistics and literary theory are essential to anyone working within those fields of knowledge. However, it is Barthes’ more intimate philosophical journeys that we wish to present. It is there in his sentimentality, in his deeply affectionate way of elucidating the specters of human emotionality through music and literature, where the French thinker reveals his thought as a beautifully odd search for nuance, for miniature differences uncovering human existence’s endless configurations.   That is why, the following essay concerns...

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The Idea of Death - Pulvis Art Urns Philosophical Diary

The Idea of Death

In this third short essay, dedicated to Giorgio Agamben, the thought of the Italian philosopher is directed towards humanity’s never-ending confrontation with finitude or more precisely – towards humanity’s own consciousness of mortality, this unbearable knowledge that is one’s constant shadowy companion in the adventure of life.

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"Guardian" in Craquelure - Pulvis ARt Urns
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