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Guardian Angel Urn

Artisan Cremation Urn For Ashes "Guardian" by Pulvis Art Urns. Collection image for Guardian urn.

"Let my streaming face
Make me more radiant: let my secret weeping
Bear flower."
Duino Elegies,
The Tenth Elegy

The “Guardian”, with its gentle lines and thoughtful design is a truly remarkable memorial, suitable for any interior.

This art urn for ashes symbolises purity, humility and divine peace, as it is associated with guardian angels.

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Frequently asked questions

All of our ceramic urns need sealing, including the Guardian. Any adhesive suitable for ceramic would do the job.

height 38 cm | 15 in
width 26 cm | 10 in
length 21 cm | 8 in
capacity 3.2 L | 195 cu in
weight 2.6 kg | 5.73 lbs.

❗This urn is suitable for the ashes of an adult that weighs between 60 lbs. -190 lbs.

This handmade urn for ashes is made of high quality ceramic, fired two times at almost 1200 degrees celsius, which makes it extremely durable and strong.

The guardian angel has been a powerful symbol throughout history in many different cultures. This model itself is a truly remarkable memorial, inspiring divine peace and associated with a guardian angel.

Yes, almost all of our urns for ashes, including Guardian, are produced in series, with a beautiful matching keepsake. You can order one from here

Yes, almost all of our handcrafted urns for ashes, including this one can be stored outside. We recommend that you keep the urn in a dry place, protected from rain and snow.