Pulvis Art Gallery

At Pulvis we strive to create shapes that endure the trials of time.
We believe that enduring in the face of what is fleeting lays the foundation of art in all its different manifestations. Thus, a work of art is a testament to one’s courage and ability to withstand finality. However, to withstand finality is not to try and overcome it but to seek and capture its evanescent beauty in form. A picture, a sculpture, a melody, a gesture, a word…
It is with such intentions that Pulvis’ team created a carefully curated exhibition of works that share our understanding of art’s essence and purpose. Ranging from sculptures and oil canvases to lithographs and photographs, this newly founded gallery is the first step towards establishing a multifaceted space which can embody our ideal of caring for the human spirit.
We believe art is a great consoler and that through it one can find the humility needed for overcoming life’s many obstacles.
It is with pride that we introduce you to the Pulvis Gallery where you can immerse yourself in textures, colors and perspectives and find that thin silver thread which traces the soul’s path towards the sublime horizon of truth.