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Cat Cremation Urn for Ashes - Dark Sand | Ceramic | Handmade
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Cat Cremation Urn for Ashes - Beige Grey | Ceramic | Handmade
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Pulvis Art Urns Pet Urn HydroGraphics Pet Urn For Cat - "Vortex" - Ceramic | Hydro Dipping
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Pulvis Art Urns Pet Urn HydroGraphics Pet Urn For Cat - "Drops" - Ceramic | Hydro Dipping
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Pulvis Art Urns Pet Urn Hand Decorated Cat Urn for Ashes "Dream" - Ceramic | Handmade

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.What size urn do I need for my cat?

    For every pound he or she weighed, it would equal the amount of cubic inches needed for the cremated ashes. A size that contains a "nominal" amount of remains, meaning that the urn is intended as a souvenir to hold a small number of remains.

  • 2.Do cat ashes smell?

    Cremated ash usually has no odour, in most cases the smell can resemble the smell of dust. When sealed in our handmade ceramic cat urns, no odour can be smelled.

  • 3.Should I keep my cats’ ashes?

    Many people find solace in keeping all or part of their lost remains at home. It has been proven that this helps people keep the memory of their beloved furry friend.

  • 4.What do you do with cremated cat ashes?

    In most cases, a person can personally choose what to do with the remains. Some people choose to display them in an urn at home or scatter them in a memorable place and even turn them into memorable jewelry so you can carry them with you. Many options come with cremation of pets.

  • 5.How much is an urn for a cat?

    When it comes to getting an urn, people are different and can spend a lot of money to get a beautiful urn for their beloved pet. It really depends from where you get the product and what size of an urn you will choose. It can vary from 80$ up to 200$ or even more. Another thing is the material of the urn; glass urns can be expensive rather than wood or another type.

Handmade Cat Urns For Ashes by Pulvis Art Urns

Laying Cat Urns

Cats are our constant companions.
Saying goodbye to a furry pet friend and choosing the right pet memorial, to honour your precios moments together, is not an easy task. We designed this handmade cat urn for ashes, to celebrate the life of our beloved friends and remember them forever.
Here you will find our full portfolio of cat urns in various colors.

Frequently asked questions

Deciding what to do with pet ashes is a common problem for bereaved pet parents. At Pulvis Art Urns we offer a suitable solution for your pet after cremation. A beautiful range of handmade urns for cats.

Our pet urns for ashes can be displayed at home or a garden - a favourite place of your loved kitty. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to how to display pet ashes — but with Pulvis Art Urns it's easier to keep them close by with the help of modern design.

Cat's ashes are normally grey and sometimes white. They'll either be placed in a container that the pet crematorium will provide, or an urn you purchased.

All of our urns for ashes are large enought to hold the cremation ashes of all cat breeds. The rule of thumb is 1 pound equals 1 cubic inch after cremation.

Cremation urns for cats are used to store the ashes of beloved pets that have passed away. They can serve as a loveley and meaningful way to memorialise your deceased pet.