Pulvis Art Urns at TanExpo2018

Pulvis Art Urns at TanExpo2018

About TanExpo 

Point of reference for the entire funeral and cemetery industry, TANEXPO is the rendez-vous where, every two years, funeral directors and trade professionals meet with the highest quality manufacturers. The world's premiere funeral event, with the most impressive international attendance and the widest exhibiting surface.

Pulvis Art Urns at TanExpo 2018

Pulvis Art Urns took part in one of the world's most renowned funeral and cemetery expositions - TanExpo 2018. 

During the three-day expo our booth was visited by many professionals in the sector, almost all of which left impressed by the quality and the aesthetics of our urns. 

Pulvis Art Urns booth at TanExpo 2018

As one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic urns for ashes in Europe, Pulvis Art Urns managed to make a lot of contacts with potential clients, including funeral directors and wholesalers. The attendance with our own booth, was a very positive experience for our team and the company as whole.

Highlights from MiamiFuner2019

Special feature, such as Workshops, meetings and professional education, make TANEXPO a unique event among trade exhibitions worldwide scenery.

Pulvis Art Urns booth at TanExpo 2018

Pulvis Art Urns booth at TanExpo 2018

Pulvis Art Urns at TanExpo 2018

With great attention to detail, the cremation urns for ashes are entirely hand-made of high-quality ceramic, produced according to the recipes of Pulvis Art Urns technologists.

 Ceramic Art Urns For Ashes - The passage by Pulvis Art Urns

Our products can be purchased at various places, thanks to our partners. You can find more information for our partners or if you are interested in selling our here https://www.pulvisurns.com/pages/partners 

Guardian cremation urns for ashes by Pulvis Art Urns

Apart from their superb vision, the urns are remarkable for their exquisite hardiness and resistance to atmospheric influence, achieved by firing them at 1200 degrees Centigrade.

Wings urns for human ashes by Pulvis Art Urns

With focus on the profound concept, rich symbolic content and exquisiteness of our products, we have done our best to make them worthy of keeping the memory of our beloved ones. 



Pulvis Art Urns booth at TanExpo 2018




Join us in helping families honor the memory of their loved ones and pets through art!

Our Affiliate Program is now available. at https://www.pulvisurns.com/pages/affiliate-program-by-pulvis-art-urns

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