Is It Time to Upgrade Your Loved One's Cremation Urn?

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Loved One's Cremation Urn? - Pulvis Art Urns

We often think of memorials as being permanent and unchangeable. While a memorial itself is intended to be forever, the specific design itself can change over time. A cremation urn is designed to be adaptable, meaning you can always remove the cremation ashes and transfer them to a new receptacle. Remember , the cremation urn is just an object for holding the ashes – the ashes themselves are what’s important to keep and protect.

There are many reasons why you may feel the need to upgrade an urn. If you’re on the fence about it and not sure why, ask yourself these seven questions to get clear understanding and direction on why it’s a good time to upgrade cremation urns.

Are you Reaching a Special Milestone or Anniversary?

    One year, five years, ten years – these milestones are significant when it comes to remembering a loved one who’s been gone. Milestone anniversaries are a great occasion to upgrade your home memorial and find a new special cremation urn to keep their memory alive and top of mind.

    Are you Adding Another Loved One to Your Memorial?

      Some ceramic urns are designed to hold the ashes of more than one person. Known as companion urns, these large-capacity vessels are ideal for honoring parents or grandparents. If another loved one has passed, it may be time to upgrade to a companion urn – a single cremation urn with enough room to hold multiple ashes.

      COMPANION URNS for Ashes "Heart" by Pulvis Art Urns

      Do you need multiple cremation urns to accommodate estate planning?

        What will happen to the ashes when you’re gone? Estate planning can bring up uncomfortable questions – but it’s a good moment to make concrete plans. If you have several children or family members who will inherit a cremation urn for a beloved parent, it may be a good time to get several small urns and divide up the ashes accordingly.

        Keepsake Urns for Ashes by Pulvis. Cremation Keepsake Urns for Ashes

        Keepsake urns are smaller-sized urns designed to hold a small portion of cremated remains. They are often used to distribute or share a portion of the ashes among family members or friends as a keepsake or memorial token.

        Are you Ready for a Design and Décor Refresh?

          Perhaps the current cremation urn you have looks old-fashioned or doesn’t look the way you want after an interior remodel. There’s absolutely no reason to hold onto an old urn whose design you’re not happy with. With so many beautiful artisan urns and handmade urns to choose from, there are lots of great options that can look better with modern décor and make you feel like you’re setting up a beautiful display for your loved one.     

          EXCLUSIVE URNS COLLECTION by Pulvis Art Urns

          Did you Inherit the Urn and Simply Don’t Like the Style?

            Likewise, if you’ve inherited the urn and don’t love its look, find a new urn that you feel will honor your loved one’s memory better. Remember to communicate with family members and discuss the idea of the cremation urn to ensure everyone is comfortable with the concept and understands its significance.

            Is the Cremation Urn Showing Signs of Wear and Tear?

            Perhaps it’s taken a tumble over the years or the color has faded. Keepsakes for ashes, like cremation urns, are meant to keep a loved one’s spirit alive – they deserve an urn that isn’t showing signs of damage or neglect.

            Handmade Cremation Keepsake Urn "The Holy Mother"  by Pulvis Art Urns

            Are you ready to add an Engraving or More Personalized Design?

            Sometimes inspiration doesn’t strike until a few years after your loved one has passed. If there’s a certain color, design, or style that you feel suits their memory better, go ahead and upgrade the cremation urn!

            Eternity - Hand decorated design. Cremation Urn for Ashes

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            Again, there’s no need to hold onto a cremation urn that you feel doesn’t spark joy or love anymore. Honor your loved one’s memory by keeping their cremation memorial display up to date and special.

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