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TanExpo Funeral trade show (Pulvis Art Urns article)

As the global death care industry continues to grow and change, many new possibilities for the companies in this sector arise. One of the best strategies for a growing company to market its specific products to the right customers is by exhibit in trade shows.

 We have decided to make a list of some of the most popular trade shows and conferences around the world, including the upcoming ones.

European Funeral Trade Shows

TanExpo Show

One of the most popular funeral events around the world is TANEXPO, which is a unique trade show that gathers hundreds of funeral professionals around the world. The exhibition is held once every two years in Bologna, Italy. The expo offers special features, including workshops, meetings and professional trainings, which makes it unique for the funeral sector. It is probably the largest expo held in Europe.

 Pulvis Art Urns at TanExpo2018


CBCE (Cremation & Burial Communication & Education)

CBCE is organised by the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities and the Cremation Society of Great Britain. The expo is held every year in Great Britain and it is the largest one in the country. Besides gathering a huge number of professionals, the expo provides the ideal opportunity to reflect on what is happening with the sector and the significant changes it goes through. The first expo was held back in 2013. The 2019 edition will focus to give an informative update on burial and cremation issues.


Funéraire Paris

Owners of funeral homes and headstone manufacturers, embalmers, marble works, owners of cemeteries and crematoria, limousine hire, urns for ashes manufacturers, representatives from medical centres, hospitals and retirement homes, insurance professionals, architects and landscapers – those are just part of the professionals who take part in Funéraire Paris. Traditionally held every two years at the Parc des Expositions Paris Le, with 35% international participation Funéraire Paris welcomes nearly 6,000 visitors and more than 250 exhibiting companies

Funéraire Paris 2021 - Pulvis Art Urns Blog


As a significant trade show for Spain and Europe, Funermostra is a forum where funeral industry professionals can do business, learn and catch up to date with the industry’s news and developments. Exhibits, talk and seminars are the defining features of a dynamic event where professionals share the newest trends of the industry sectors, including cremation, funerary items, urns for ashes & memorials, floral ornamentation, cemetery equipment and other.


North & South America


Gathering funeral service professionals for more than 135 years, NFDA Convention is probably one of the oldest funeral conventions. NFDA itself is the world's leading funeral service association, having more than 20,000 members who represent nearly 10,000 funeral homes in the USA and 50 countries around the world. The NFDA expo offers networking, education programs and news about the industry. From funeral home directors to the newest trends in cremations and funerals, NFDA is worth visiting.

NFDA Trade Show


As a relevantly new trade show (2019 was the second year), MiamiFuner is a great place where to build up international contacts, from the USA, South America and Europe. The three-day show offers almost everything for the funeral industry professionals and visitors – workshops, conferences, lectures and a wide variety of exhibitors. As a participant in 2019, Pulvis Art Urns managed to make many contacts from the USA and Latin America and successfully presented their portfolio of ceramic art urns for ashes. Our newest model “Light” as well as the new color variation of the “Guardian” ceramic urn for ashes were presented at the expo.

 Light - Cremation Art Urn for Ashes by Pulvis


The main idea of the expo, sharing the same goals of the first two editions, is to provide a moment of fraternisation of the entire funeral industry. A great opportunity to do business, Exponaf is also a time to bring people closer together, strengthen partnership and provide a professional growth environment for funeral industry professionals, memorial and cemetery product manufacturers and many others. EXPONAF 2019 will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


CANA's Cremation Innovation Conventions

CANA Conventions are known for fun, intimacy, lots of food and drink, and great content on the art and science of cremation with a local flavor. In August 2022, CANA celebrates its 104th Cremation Innovation Convention. This premier event brings innovative cremation professionals together to share ideas, learn from experts, and see the newest products and services from industry suppliers. 

Pulvis Art Urns is proud member of CANA and will be joining the expo.


AFE - Asia Funeral and Cemetery Expo & Conference

As one of the largest trade shows in the world, AFE offers an outstanding access to the industry’s newest trends and innovations. The 2019 edition will focus on Indonesia. There will be a series of specialised topics to discuss about the death care industry of Indonesia, as well as the rising trends of cremation. There you will find a variety of companies, including casket and urns for ashes manufacturers, cemetery equipment and memorials, monuments and many more.

"Eternity" handmade art urn for ashes by Pulvis Art Urns

YOKOHAMA Funeral Business Expo

The largest expo in Japan, supported by FIAT-IFTA offers a variety of opportunities for funeral homes and industry professionals. The expo is a great place to do business and learn about the newest trends in this sector. In 2019 YOKOHAMA Funeral Business expo will take place Yokohama, Japan



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