Creating a Memorial Space at Home for Your Pets

Creating a Memorial Space at Home for Your Pets

Pets are part of the family, so it’s no surprise that they leave a large empty space in our hearts when they pass. Creating a memorial space at home can help families with the grieving process – and keep the pet’s memory alive. 
With pet cremation services on the rise, it’s becoming much easier for families to create special memorials for their pets after they pass. There are many different types of pet memorials, providing plenty of opportunity for you to create a meaningful display to honor the family pet. 

Creating a Memorial Space at Home for Your Pets

Pet Memorial Services Are On the Rise  

People love their pets – and spending habits prove it! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the amount of money households spend on their pets each year has increased 78% in just the past decade. Part of this increased spending is dedicated to end-of-life and afterlife care. Pets are meaningful, and people want to memorialize them properly.
Cremation options for pets have increased, and it’s becoming more common for families to make memorial plans that include the pet’s ashes. Pet urns, memorial gardens, framed photographs, and unique keepsakes can all contribute to the creation of a beautiful memorial space for the family to remember their furry friends.

Ideas for a Pet Memorial Space

Having a dedicated space can help individuals find comfort and peace after the passing of a pet. Here are some ideas for creating a beautiful pet memorial space in the family home.
Photo Gallery
Choose a single photo that captures the pet’s spirit and personality or reminds you of a specific experience with the pet, like a trip to the beach or the pet with their favorite toy. If you can’t choose a single photo, create a gallery-style display with matching frames to help create a cohesive aesthetic.

Custom Pet Urns

Instead of a generic urn, shop for pet urns that are designed to be unique and memorable. You can find custom pet urns in the shape of a cat’s silhouette, in many different colors. Some urns have stylized paw print motifs and other unique designs to capture the spirit of your pet. Custom pet urns are a beautiful option that is perfect for creating a modern memorial space that looks great in the family home. 

Mini Laying Cat Cremation Urn by Pulvis Art Urns

Collars and Keepsakes

Keep a special memento, like a collar, toy, or blanket that your pet used. These can sometimes be fit within a framed photo as a keepsake or displayed at the base of pet urns for a special personalization. For fabric items like pet bandanas and blankets, these can be cut and sewn into a special plush with your pet’s name embroidered on it – a great keepsake for staging in the memorial or giving to a child who misses the pet.

Tips for Outdoor Pet Memorials

Outdoor memorials can be a great option for families who have no plans of moving in the future. After checking local codes and rules about scattering pet ashes or burying pet urns, get creative and plan a beautiful outdoor memorial space.

Neko Pet Urn for Ashes Ceramic by Pulvis Art Urns

Buried Pet Urns & Scattered Ashes

Never use a cardboard box or other flimsy material when burying a pet’s remains, as this can attract unwanted wildlife that may disturb the grave. Official pet urns are best, as they’ve been designed to contain the ashes adequately.
For those who prefer to scatter the pet cremation ashes, chose a special designated place on the property that can be marked with a memorial flag, lantern, or other meaningful marker.

Pet Memorial Garden

Planting flowers at the site of the buried pet urn or scattered ashes can be a lovely reminder of the beauty the pet brought to your life. Choose indigenous plants that are classified as perennials, as these are easy to care for and likely to come back year after year.



Carved Stone

Adding a concrete marker is a fantastic way to designate the space as a pet memorial. There are many durable options, including stones carved with the pet’s name and birthday, concrete dog or cat statues, bird baths, and fountains.  

Consider the Whole Family when Planning Pet Cremation

Whether you’re creating an indoor or outdoor memorial, a temporary or permanent display, always consider the needs of the entire family before finalizing the details. Children in particular like to have something tangible to hold onto and remember the pet by.
Not everyone may agree on the type of pet memorial space that is to be created. If there are varying opinions on how to memorialize a family pet, consider giving each person a bit of freedom. Small pet urns can be used to divide ashes so that each family member can honor the pet as they like. It’s always better to have additional pet cremation urns with ashes in case you change your mind later about the pet memorial space.

Creating a Memorial Space at Home for Your Pets



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