Artistic Urns: Combining Art and Memory in Pet Memorials

Artistic Urns: Combining Art and Memory in Pet Memorials

The best pet urns are those that combine art and memory in a way that fuels healing and promotes peace. Navigating the pet cremation process can be a heart-wrenching journey. But finding a custom pet urn that truly reflects your pet’s personality and appearance can help with the grieving process. Moreover, a beautiful pet memorials can help families honor the special bond they created with their family pet and bring a sense of peace to the home.
Many custom pet urns are available showcasing an amazing array of unique designs that can capture your pet’s spirit and bring a smile to your face. Explore the options and find the artistic expression that best suits your goals for a moving pet memorial. 

How Art Can Help with Healing

Nothing will bring back a beloved dog or cat that has passed. But art has a way of helping to heal the heart after the loss of a family pet. The simple act of choosing a pet urn that you feel expresses your pet’s personality is a big part of the process. You are the one who knew them the best; and you are the one who will know which design is perfect for holding their ashes. 
Keeping pet urns displayed at home can be a daily reminder of the animal. Life moves on – but just a glance at the pet urn can keep them top of mind and bring all the love and memories flooding back. At the end of the day, the peace and solace you get knowing that they will always be a part of your story is priceless.
Finding the right artistic design is key for crafting a meaningful pet memorial. Take your time and find pet urns that are a powerful reminder of the little animal who played a big role in your life.

Artistic Urns: Combining Art and Memory in Pet Memorials

5 Design Options for Pet Urns that Spark Emotion

Once you decide on the pet cremation process, it’s time to find the perfect urn. Many families choose to get multiple pet urns so that the ashes can be divided up and shared with each person in the family. This is particularly helpful if family members plan on moving or can’t agree upon a single pet memorial style. 
Artistic design plays an important part in the style of pet cremation urn available. Consider these different elements while exploring various pet cremation urns.

Silhouettes that Stage Your Pet’s Favorite Poses

Did your cat love to sit upright at the window with his tail perfectly curved? Or maybe you miss the way your cat tucked his paws beneath his chest as he lay in a compact little bundle. And what about that full-body stretch he would do? Cat urns with these unique silhouette shapes can help spark the memory of your pet in a way that an abstract urn shape can’t.

Color Captures Your Pet’s Beauty 

Fur color can be one of the most striking details of animal companions – and one of the biggest things people miss about their pets after they pass. Custom pet urns help capture that unique quality and keep the memory of your cat or dog’s beauty alive.
The finish can also spark unique memories. Glossy paint, craquelure, wood, and matte paint finishes may catch your eye and remind you of your pet in a certain way, so be sure to look out for these details as you shop pet urns.

Artistic Urns: Combining Art and Memory in Pet Memorials

Paw Prints Symbolize the Pet’s Imprint on Your Life 

Some pet parents prefer a more abstract artistic expression to memorialize a pet. Cremation urns with paw print designs can be a symbolic reminder of the significant imprint the pet had on you and your loved ones.

Picture Frame Urns Keep their Memory Alive

Some dog urns and cat urns actually have space for a framed photograph of the family pet. These are a fantastic option for families that have multiple pet urns in their house or simply prefer a vivid photograph to keep their pet’s memory alive.

Artistic Urns: Combining Art and Memory in Pet Memorials

Custom Pet Urns with Your Pet’s Likeness 

Every pet is special – but some have that once-in-a-lifetime quality that you just know you’ll never find again. For these extra-special pets, it’s worth it to commission an experienced artisan to craft a cat urn or dog urn that looks just like your pet. Color pattern is always taken into account – even for calico cats! 

  –  so that the pet urns produce a realistic depiction of the pet 

For custom dog urns and custom cat urns, you’ll provide a photo for the artist to work from. This can be an extremely special process that leads to a very meaningful cremation urn – perfect for special pet memorials.




Trust the Process: Find the Perfect Pet Urns

As you search for the perfect dog urn, cat urn, rabbit urn – or an urn for another type of family pet – keep in mind that the process is unique for everyone. No one knew that pet the way you did, so trust yourself during the selection process. It may take time, but you’ll eventually find the perfect pet urns for honoring and memorializing your pet.  

Artistic Urns: Combining Art and Memory in Pet Memorials



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