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Exclusive urns collection

With the Exclusive Urn Collection, Pulvis team and leading figures in the contemporary art world are joining forces to create unique and rare urns, nothing short of a masterpieces.

Our exclusive urns for ashes are forms of expression, a libation that gathers the sands of time, that protects memory and holds the gentle pulse of a loved one’s presence.

The collection offers artists fresh inspiration and motifs, opening new horizons through the interplay of various materials and colors. The magical fusion of art and design creates a new dimension, a new form of expression for work of art.

These Pulvis Art Urns designs speak of a tireless quest to break boundaries and seek new aesthetic paths. The results are unique memorials for ashes, defined as works of art.

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Pulvis Art Urns Pet Urn HydroGraphics Pet Urn "Neko" | Spotted Dark | Ceramic | Hydro Dipping