Traveling with Memorial Jewelry and Human Ashes Keepsakes

Traveling with Memorial Jewelry and Human Ashes Keepsakes

 Traveling with memorial keepsakes or cremation jewelry can be stressful, especially when experiencing the loss of a loved one. Recently, a traveler discovered his mother’s ashes had spilled inside his checked bag at baggage claim in Los Angeles. This heart-breaking incident underscores the importance of proper planning and care when traveling with precious memorial items. Understanding air travel expectations will allow you to fly confidently and safely with your memorial jewellery and keepsakes.

Air Travel with Memorial Jewelry

Memorial jewellery includes various options to memorialize your loved one, such as cremation jewellery, fingerprint jewellery, and personalized jewellery. Fortunately, the TSA has no restrictions on passengers wearing or traveling with memorial jewelry. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

● Screening Process: Small jewelry items like necklaces, rings, and earrings generally do not need to be removed during screening. Memorial jewelry containing a small portion of ashes is also allowed.

● Packing Tips: It’s advisable not to pack memorial jewelry in checked luggage. Instead, place it in your carry-on bag to ensure it remains safe and within your control.

Despite efforts by the TSA and airlines to handle your luggage carefully, there are risks involved in checking memorial jewellery

● Lost Luggage: The bag could be lost during transit.
● Inspection Risks: The bag could be opened for inspection, and the item could be moved or misplaced.
● Theft: The bag or items within it could be stolen.
● Damage: The memorial jewelry could be damaged during handling.
Pulvis Art Urns offers a selection of beautiful memorial jewelry that can be carried with you wherever you go. Here are three examples:
● Tree of Life Cremation Pendant: Made of sterling silver, this pendant comes with an 18” chain and can hold a small portion of your loved one’s ashes.
● Circle of Life Cremation Pendant: Handcrafted from 925 sterling silver, this unisex piece holds a small amount of ashes.
● Custom Cremation Pendant Vial: This pendant can hold ashes, soil from the burial site, or water from the scattering site. It comes with a key ring and a 30” beaded chain.

Traveling with Memorial Jewelry and Human Ashes Keepsakes

Air Travel with Memorial Keepsakes

Memorial keepsakes, such as small-sized urns, can also accompany you on your flight. These keepsakes usually hold about 15-20% of a person’s ashes and must pass through the X-ray machine for screening. The TSA has clear guidelines for screening cremated remains:

● Screening Process: Cremated remains in carry-ons must pass through the X-ray machine. If the X-ray operator cannot clear the remains, other non-intrusive methods may be used. TSA officers are not allowed to open cremation containers.

● TSA-Compliant Urns: It’s important to use urns made of materials like bamboo, wood, plastic, or glass, which are easier to screen.

Pulvis Art Urns offers various TSA-compliant memorial keepsakes:

● Keepsake Scattering Urns: Made of recycled compressed paper, these eco-friendly urns can be easily screened and include a cotton bag for added protection.

● The Living Glass Keepsake Urns: These fragile glass urns hold or scatter a portion of ashes and are easy to screen.

● The Living Urn Planter Keepsake: Made from premium wood, this urn symbolizes honor and vitality and is easy for the TSA to screen.
Additional Tips for Traveling with Cremation Jewelry and Keepsakes

● Check Airline Policies: TSA policies on traveling with cremains are unlikely to change, but it’s always a good idea to double-check for updates. Some airlines, like Jet Blue, have specific guidelines for traveling with urns.

● Documentation: Having documentation from the funeral director can alleviate confusion if you need to interact with authorities.

● International Travel: Check the rules in the destination country before flying. Contact the consulate or embassy for any special requirements or documentation needed.

Pre-Travel Preparations

Preparation is key to ensuring a smooth travel experience with memorial keepsakes. Here are a few additional steps you can take:

1. Research Airport Policies: Different airports may have varying procedures for handling cremated remains. It's a good idea to research the policies at both your departure and arrival airports.
2. Contact Airlines in Advance: Speak with your airline ahead of time to inform them of your travel plans and to confirm any specific requirements or recommendations they might have for traveling with memorial items.
3. Secure Appropriate Packaging: Ensure that your memorial jewelry and keepsakes are securely packaged. Use padded containers or cases to protect fragile items and prevent damage during transit.
4. Label Your Keepsakes: Clearly label your memorial keepsakes and jewelry to avoid confusion during security checks. Labels should include your contact information and a note indicating that the item contains cremated remains.
5. Travel Documentation: Carry copies of all necessary travel documents, including your flight itinerary, identification, and any relevant documentation related to the cremated remains.

Traveling with Memorial Jewelry and Human Ashes Keepsakes

Navigating Airport Security with Memorial Items

When you arrive at the airport, follow these steps to navigate security smoothly:

1. Inform Security Officers: When you reach the security checkpoint, inform the TSA officers that you are carrying memorial jewelry or keepsakes containing cremated remains. This will help them handle your items with care and sensitivity.
2. Follow Screening Procedures: Place your memorial items in a separate bin for X-ray screening. Be prepared for TSA officers to use additional screening methods if necessary.
3. Request Privacy if Needed: If you feel uncomfortable discussing the contents of your keepsakes in a public setting, request a private screening area where you can speak with TSA officers discreetly.
4. Remain Calm and Patient: Security checks can be stressful, but staying calm and patient will help the process go more smoothly. Remember that TSA officers are there to ensure the safety of all passengers.
Post-Travel Considerations
Once you arrive at your destination, take the following steps to ensure the safety and preservation of your memorial items:
1. Inspect Your Items: After collecting your luggage, inspect your memorial jewelry and keepsakes to ensure they are intact and undamaged.
2. Store Items Safely: Find a secure place to store your memorial items during your stay. Avoid leaving them in high-traffic areas or where they could be accidentally knocked over or damaged.
3. Plan for Return Travel: If you are traveling back home with your memorial items, repeat the same careful planning and preparations you made for your initial trip.

Understanding International Regulations

Traveling internationally with cremated remains can involve additional complexities. Here are some important considerations:
1. Research Destination Country Regulations: Each country has its own regulations for transporting cremated remains. Research these regulations well in advance of your trip.
2. Language Barriers: If you are traveling to a country where you do not speak the language, consider having translation documentation for your memorial items. This can help in communicating with customs or airport officials.
3. Consular Assistance: Contact the consulate or embassy of the destination country for assistance and to ensure you have all necessary documentation for a smooth entry.

Traveling with Memorial Jewelry and Human Ashes Keepsakes


Traveling with memorial jewelry and keepsakes requires careful planning and understanding of TSA guidelines. By following these tips, you can ensure the safe and respectful transport of your loved one’s remains. Pulvis Art Urns is committed to helping you honor your loved ones with dignity and care. Our unique and high-quality memorial products are designed to provide peace of mind during your travels.

For more information on travel-friendly memorial jewelry and keepsakes, visit our blog. Pulvis Art Urns offers a range of beautiful, TSA-compliant products to help you memorialize your loved ones wherever you go.


1. Can I carry memorial jewelry on a plane? Yes, you can carry memorial jewelry on a plane. The TSA has no restrictions on passengers wearing or traveling with memorial jewelry, even if it contains a small portion of ashes.

2. Should I pack memorial jewelry in checked luggage? It is advisable not to pack memorial jewelry in checked luggage due to risks such as loss, damage, or theft. Instead, place it in your carry-on bag to ensure it remains safe and within your control.

3. What types of urns are TSA-compliant? TSA-compliant urns are typically made from materials like bamboo, wood, plastic, or glass. These materials can be easily screened by the X-ray machines at airport security.

4. What documentation should I carry when traveling with cremated remains? Having documentation from the funeral director can help alleviate confusion during security checks. This documentation can explain the contents of the urn or keepsake, which may assist in a smoother screening process .

5. Are there specific airline policies for traveling with cremated remains?
Yes, some airlines have specific policies for traveling with cremated remains. It's important to check with your airline before traveling.

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