"The Passage" Cremation Urn - Product Review 2023

"The Passage" Cremation Urn - Product Review 2023 - Blog Article

The Meaning Behind The Passage Cremation Urn

"To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in palm of your hands
And Eternity in an hour."
William Blake
Auguries of Innocence

The idea, which lies behind this beautiful, abstracts urn for ashes, entitled "The Passage", is focused on the bond between this and the outer world.

The soft light from the flame of the candle is heavenly reflected on the graceful lines of the urn, which naturally emphasises its beauty. This cremation art urn holds the ashes of your loved one within a gentle inward spiral, symbolising the natural passage of time.


The Finite and the Infinite

The Passage is our vision not of the separateness of the world here and the outer world but the point where the two converge with one another.

We believe that this gentle touch, this light brush of the finite and the infinite is the closest one can get to truth. Because truth is not a static idea but a dynamic encounter, an intimate conversation between what is known and what is unknown.

The flickering candle placed in the empty center of The Passage is how we imagined this conversation of the known and the unknown, the finite and the infinite. And it is this gentle light that leads us through, that gives us a calm passage and a final resting place in the truth of being.

Cremation Urn for AShes - THe Passage  VIolet

This cremation art urn holds the ashes of your loved one within a gentle inward spiral, symbolising the natural passage of time. 

Dimensions of The Passage Urn

When ordering or choosing an urn is very important to be mindful of the dimensions of the cremation urn. Our professional ceramist and artist have made the urn to be suitable for the average adult person.

The urn has volume of 3.2 litres (196 cubic inches) and sizes of 11.6h x 8.6w x 5.7l in inches (29.5h x 22w  x 14.5l in cm).

If the large urn does not fit all of the ashes or you would like to divide the cremains between the family, we have taken care of that with a keepsakes.

The Passage keepsake  can hold up to 0.45 liters (27.4 cubic inches) of ashes and with sizes of 4.3h x 6.6w x 3.3l in inches (11h x 17w x 8.5l in cm). 

The Passage - Keepsake Cremation Urn

Available Colours of the Passage Cremation Urn

The various palette of colours is especially worked out by a team of artists and laboratory assistants, which aims at providing a high quality and aesthetics of the urns. Some of the most popular are craquelure, red and oily green. 

All available colors can be found here: https://www.pulvisurns.com/collections/the-passage 

All availablee colors for the matching keepsake urn can be found here: https://www.pulvisurns.com/collections/the-passage-keepsakes

Both can be purchased as set from here: 


Material - Premium Quality Ceramic and Glazes

All of the urns are remarkable for their exquisite hardiness and resistance to atmospheric influence, achieved by double firing them at more than 1200° C, which makes them suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The urn is made entirely of ceramic and high quality glossy finish. 

All of our urns for ashes, keepsake urns, pet memorials and memorial accessories are handmade in Europe and certified by the ISO standards.

The Passage - Cremation Urn in Craquelure

Fruit of constant artistic restlessness and dedicated customers service, Pulvis Art Urns is a brand that stands for a contemporary, stylish and exclusive memorial urn.

Find more about the process of making a single Pulvis Art Urn here: 



How to Seal the Passage Cremation Urn

Follow those simple steps to seal the urn or watch our detailed video below :


1. Open the urn box carefully, being sure not to damage the urn.

2. Urn box contains: sealing instructions, tube of glue, ceramic plug and tea light candle.

3. After lifting urn out of its box, unwrap the tissue paper and place it on a table top.

4. Fold the 4 x box flaps back inside the box – this will give extra holding power when you place urn back into box in readiness to fill it with cremated remains

5. Insert the urn upside down back into the box.

6. Pour the cremated remains (using a funnel or a similar aid ) directly into the urn as it has INNER COATING® protector applied. Otherwise, we advise the ashes to be inserted into several smaller bags first.

7. Ensure that the surfaces to be sealed are clean, dry, and dust free. Apply glue all around the lip of the urn base opening.

8. Place the urns ceramic base plug and slightly rotate it on place.

9. Leave the filled urn in this upside-down position for at least 45 minutes for the glue to fully set.

10. Corrections can be made within the first 5 minutes. The maximum final strength is reached after 24 hours.

11. Carefully take the urn out of the box and invert all back into the box right side up for preparation for handover, travel, or final placement.

12. A tea light candle ( as supplied) can be lit in time of remembrance. 


Customer Reviews: 

Handmade Urn for Ashes - The PAssage

Where to Purchase The Passage Urn for Ashes ? 

Pulvis Art Urns Online Store: 


You can also purchase from our Etsy Shop :


Pulvis Art Urns Amazon Store:  https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/3A022CA7-4196-4F75-803D-1067BAE2BE78

Join us in helping families honor the memory of their loved ones and pets through art!
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