Exploring Unique Cremation Urn Designs: Finding a Personalized Tribute

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Cremation urns come in a variety of designs – some subdued and conventional, others daring and poignant. Finding the right vessel to memorialize your loved one can be an emotional journey. Knowing what type of artistic elements to look for can help you create a personalized tribute that feels true to your story – and theirs.

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Take a look at some of the most important design elements that can affect the visual impact of cremation urns for ashes. If you’re looking for a striking tribute that captures the beauty and significance of your loved one, we have two cremation urn designs you’ll want to consider first.

3 Things to Consider in a Cremation Urn Design

Different design approaches can achieve different artistic effects. If you want something that feels personalized and special, you’ll want to prioritize these three design features when shopping for cremation urns for ashes.

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Color – Color can make a huge difference, as can the particular finish used to decorate the exterior surface of cremation urns. Glazed vessels provide a luxurious-looking sheen that feels sophisticated and special. While monochromatic urns are more traditional, two-toned cremation urns can create a striking effect that catches the eye.

Shape – Most people are familiar with rounded cremation urns with a traditional jug or vase shape. For a more personalized tribute, consider alternative urn shapes, like rectangular pillars, texturized surfaces, and additional design elements that create an emotional effect.

Light – Votive candles provide a moving element, as the flickering flame throws light along the surface of the urn. Some urns have a deliberate space designed for a votive candle – a thoughtful detail that intensifies reflection.


2 Beautiful Cremation Urns with Striking Designs

It can be tricky to find a cremation urn that has all three of these special qualities integrated into the design. As you start your search for the perfect personalized cremation urn, take a look at these two ceramic urns first – they’re both beautiful options!

Everlasting Flame Urn – Taking the form of a strong pillar with a texturized design, this striking cremation urn symbolizes strength, longevity, and legacy. The top quarter has a special space for a votive candle to cast light through the golden-colored frame, creating a beautiful illumination effect that sparks remembrance. Available in a variety of serene colors and optional craquelure finishes, the Everlasting Flame Urn is a fantastic choice for crafting a personalized tribute.



Emblazoned Heart Cremation Urn – This beautiful ceramic urn design also takes inspiration from the iconic pillar shape, symbolizing long-lasting love and remembrance that carries on through the years. This ceramic urn has a serene mountainous top with textured ridges that enhance the glow of the flickering candlelight. A recessed space near the middle is carved in the shape of a heart, while a gold-colored finish emphasizes the design and strengthens the emotional response to the remembrance candle. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, the Emblazoned Heart Cremation Urn is a stunning choice that’s perfect for a personalized memorial.


These are just a few of the stunning options available from Pulvis Art Urns. Focused on crafting a variety of highly personalized designs, Pulvis simplifies the search for the perfect cremation urn so it feels more like a beautiful process of discovery and tribute.

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