Cremation Services in California – What You Should Know

Cremation Services in California – What You Should Know - Blog Article by Pulvis Art URns

Cremation trends vary from state to state – and so do the laws governing cremation practices. Learn everything you need to know about cremation services in California, including cost estimates, where to find cremation urns for ashes, and local rules to keep in consideration.

Cremation is the Norm in the Golden State

Most people are aware that cremation is becoming more and more commonplace nationwide. According to CANA, the cremation rate is projected to reach 64.1% in the US and 81.8% in Canada by 2025. But even in a place like California – where cremation has been the preferred choice for decades – this option still sees significant growth each year. California tends to be ahead of the national curve, with an estimated 68% of deaths resulting in cremation as the method of disposition this year.

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How Many Crematories Are in California?

Because cremation is so popular, resources are abundant in the Golden State. In fact, California is the state with the most registered crematories available for assistance, with a whopping 227 crematories. Compare that with surrounding states – 67 in Oregon, 57 in Arizona, 26 in Nevada, and 17 in Utah.

Cost of Cremation in California

As with everything else, cremation services are higher in California than the rest of the US, and the cost varies by metropolitan district. With that said, cremation remains significantly more affordable than traditional burial services. Here are the average costs for direct cremation by city.

  • Los Angeles – $1524
  • Bay Area (San Francisco, San Jose, Stockton, Oakland) – $650-$850
  • Sacramento – $1642
  • Northern California – $995-$1400
  • Southern California – $1358

Remember, these are average costs and much lower cremation services can be found by shopping around locally. It’s also important to budget for cremation urns for ashes or keepsakes for ashes, which are optional depending on what you choose to do with the ashes post-cremation.



While cremation burial and columbarium storage are alternative options, these will involve additional costs. Instead of burial, many people simply prefer to have personal tokens so that they can keep cremation urns at home as part of a remembrance shrine or memorial.

California Cremation Laws

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Here are a few laws to consider when planning a cremation in the state of California.

Securing a Death Certificate – A signed death certificate must be submitted before a cremation is authorized to take place. If you were not able to secure a copy of the death certificate when it was first issued, you can request a copy by mail from the California Department of Public Health. For standard cases, you can expect to receive the ashes back in 7-10 days, so keep this in mind when planning memorial services.

Permits in California 

In addition to the death certificate, you must have a California cremation permit from the county in which the cremation will take place. Most cremation providers can and will assist with this process.

Learn more details about the cremation laws in USA here: CREMATION LAWS IN THE USA - ALL STATES

Rules on Caskets and Urns 

Some families may choose to bury the cremation ashes. While a traditional casket is not required by California law, the cemetery itself may have rules concerning the type of cremation urns considered acceptable.

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Local Cremation Services in California

Because of its popularity, California has no shortage of cremation service providers. This is a huge advantage, as families can take the time to find the cremation urns, services, and memorial arrangements right for them.

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California Cremation has staff available 24/7 to assist in the process, while Oceanview Cremations and Bay Area Cremation Society are resources available in the San Jose area. And if you like to arrange things digitally, Tulip Cremation offers online services that make cremation planning more convenient.



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