6 Handmade Cremation Urns for Fathers

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Searching for cremation urns for the ashes of a loved one – especially a parent – can be an emotional process. Though there are plenty of cremation urns for ashes available, finding one that reflects your father’s spirit and personality can be tough. Plus, finding an artistic urn with the appropriate tone can add another challenge. Handcrafted urns for dads offer an ideal solution by providing an assortment of unique, sophisticated styles that are inspired by a father’s love.

With an abundance of symbolic designs, bereaving family members can find the ‘perfect’ urn for their parent. Artistic urns for dads are unique in that they are designed to reflect the incredible influence that fathers have in our lives. Featuring an array of colors, shapes, and styles, these urns for dads offer a rich selection of vessels to choose from.

1. "Guardian" Urn for Ashes

Incredibly symbolic, this handmade urn captures the essence of one’s guardian angel, with gentle curves and a strong yet graceful abstract form.

Guardian Handmade Urn for Ashes by Pulvis Art Urns.

For those who considered their father their ultimate protector, this gorgeous art urn memorializes his role beautifully and provides the perfect vessel for keeping him close by.

2. "Abstract" Urn for Ashe

An olive green glaze adds gorgeous color and reflects an ode to nature in this abstract piece, which is a fitting urn for dads with an appreciation for contemporary design. With beautifully balanced edges and a distinct form, this dark green art urn symbolizes permanence and perfection – making it a suitable choice as an urn for dads.

Abstract - Cube Urn for Ashes


In addition, the pyramid-shaped top can be lifted to reveal a ledge for a votive candle, making this a sleek masterpiece that fits in well with any home décor or garden space.

3."The Passage" Urn for Ashes

With a stunning loop design that stems from a small votive, the Passage is a gorgeous example of how a handcrafted urn can become a beloved keepsake for ashes that reflects beauty and peace.

The Passage Handmade Cremation Urn


The creamy, off-white color and craquelure finish add a strong sense of sincerity and timelessness to the design, while the portal shape symbolizes the link between this world and the one beyond.

4."Aquilae" Urn for Ashes

A powerful choice for military families, this handcrafted urn features a bald eagle standing proudly with the American flag. Tastefully designed with soft edges and a beautiful pearly white glaze, this handmade urn is gorgeous, graceful, and eloquent.

Aquilae - Military Eagle Urn for ashes

A fantastic urn for dads who served in the military, this piece symbolizes iconic values of esteem, protection, sacrifice, and honor.

5. "Eternity" Urn for Ashes

Sleek and modern, the flames from the votive candle flicker against the curves of this stately handmade urn, providing a quiet moment of reflection for family members to honor their dad’s memory.

"Eternity" Cremation Urn and memorial keepsake by Pulvis art Urns

With exceptional height and a subtle infinity symbol featured in the design, this handcrafted urn is a powerful reminder that dad’s memory lives on – as does his legacy.

6."The Christ" Urn for Ashes

Honoring the Christian belief of being reunited with Christ in the afterlife, this handmade urn is a breathtaking choice for holding a father’s ashes and celebrating faith. The glossy finish and soft contouring along Jesus’s profile reflect a graceful beauty that brings divine comfort in a time of grief.

Sculpture Urn for Ashees "The Christ" - Religious Urns by Pulvis Art


Handcrafted urns for dads bring special symbolism that can help provide reflection, remembrance, and healing. Offering unique beauty and symbolism, these art urns allow loved ones to honor the memory of their father with grace and meaning.

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